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Monkey brain area keeps count of kindnesses : Nature News & Comment
"When given the option either to drink juice from a tube themselves or to give the juice away to a neighbour, the test monkeys would mostly keep the drink. But when the choice was between giving the juice to the neighbour or neither monkey receiving it, the choosing monkey would frequently opt to give the drink to the other monkey. The researchers found that in two out of the three brain areas being recorded, neurons fired in the presence or absence of the juice reward only. By contrast, the third area — known as the anterior cingulate gyrus — responded only when the monkey allocated the juice to the neighbour and observed it being received. The authors suggest the neurons in the ACG respond to and record the act simultaneously."
brain-ACC  altruism  primatology  NatureJournal 
december 2012 by pierredv
Political divides begin in the brain - opinion - 10 April 2012 - New Scientist
Based on John Hibbing's work, exploring wither political preferences might be based in biology.
Differences between liberals and conservatives in aversive stimuli, differences in brain structure: conservatives have larger right amygdala, liberals have more grey matter in anterior cingulate cortex. For example in startle reflexes: "Conservatives on average really do seem to respond to fear and threat differently, and to focus on what Hibbing calls the "aversive" in life, rather than the "appetitive"."
Liberals rate higher on openness, conservatives higher on conscientiousness
*  brain-ACC  brain-amygdala  psychology  bias  politics  opinion 
july 2012 by pierredv

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