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A Taste of Comic-Con |
"The following excerpt from my book Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture captures the frenzied first moments as the doors of Comic-Con open to the public on preview night."
RobSalkowitz  conventions  writing  Comic-Con  comics  culture  sub-culture 
july 2013 by pierredv
"Charles Schulz's Peanuts comics often conceal the existential despair of their world with a closing joke at the characters' expense. With the last panel omitted, despair pervades all."
comics  cartoons  philosophy  humor  via:mattcorwine 
march 2011 by pierredv
Understanding Tintin | A very European hero | The Economist
"All societies reveal themselves through their children’s books. Europe’s love affair with Tintin is more revealing than most." "In 1949 France banned children’s books and comic strips from presenting cowardice in a “favourable” light, on pain of up to a year in prison for errant publishers. It was equally forbidden to make laziness or lying seem attractive. The law created an oversight committee to watch for positive depictions of these ills, along with crime, theft, hatred, debauchery and acts “liable to undermine morality” among the young."
regulation  europe  media  culture  comics  economist 
january 2009 by pierredv

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