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SmallSat Symposium 2018 | Meet and greet the foremost experts in small satellites.
The 3rd Annual SmallSat Symposium | February 5th - 8th

Six Pre-Show Workshops

Three Days of Sessions & Networking

The SmallSat Symposium is the undisputed Business and Finance Conference for Small Satellites.

World leaders and experts unlock the knowledge required to leverage smallsat innovation and cutting-edge technology into next generation solutions.

Learn from and network with the primary players in the industry as they answer the most pertinent questions facing the small satellite market today.
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september 2017 by pierredv
Conference rage: 'How did awful panel discussions become the default format?' | Global Development Professionals Network | The Guardian
"With my How Change Happens hat on, the obvious question is, why haven’t things changed already? Using the handy 3i rule of thumb, is it ideas, institutions or interests that are keeping things this way?"
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june 2016 by pierredv

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