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New ETSI mobile/broadcast group to focus on convergence — PolicyTracker: the spectrum management newsletter
Although the group is an industry standardisation group (ISG) under the auspices of ETSI, its chair Simon Fell told PolicyTracker its members are to use it as a vehicle to form study programmes on the topic, rather than to work on new standards.

One senior source from the mobile industry told PolicyTracker that “there has been rather a proliferation of ISGs of late. They are a rather curious beast – under the ambit of a standards organisation, but not allowed to make technical standards”.

He said the relatively small and diminishing resources of operators for standards activities must be targeted at the most important efforts and that “these small activities set up in unexpected places are often established in the hope of shifting the balance between different sectors”.
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july 2016 by pierredv
Reports cast doubt on expanded role for MNOs - PolicyTracker January 2015
"Plum and Farncombe completed a study in December on the possible convergence of the DTT and mobile platforms. The consultants found that an economic case for convergence cannot yet be made. They said that even though the potential benefits are substantial (such as the release of 110–175 MHz), these benefits are uncertain and come with costs that are undoubtedly high, such as the need to roll out low-power low-tower networks on single frequency networks."
PolicyTracker  DTT  TV  cellular  convergence  Plum 
january 2015 by pierredv

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