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Mind games: How con artists get the better of you - New Scientist Jan 2016
"If not simply a pathological liar, who then is the con artist? Con artists often possess some or all of the so-called dark triad of personality traits: psychopathy, Machiavellianism and narcissism. "
"People are trusting by nature, and that may be a good thing overall. Studies show that having higher so-called generalised trust – a willingness to generally assume the best in others – comes with better physical health and greater emotional happiness. Countries with higher levels of trust tend to grow faster economically. And the smarter you are, the more you are likely to trust: a 2014 study found a strong positive relationship between trust, intelligence, health and happiness.

As well as making us feel better, a blindness to deception can help us perform better too. "
"Zajonc called it the “mere exposure effect”: familiarity breeds affection. It applies to people, too. In one study, seeing someone once, however briefly, even with no further interaction, made people more likely to agree to something this person later asked of them."
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april 2016 by pierredv

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