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Will technology destroy our democracy? - BBC News, Apr 2018
Will technology destroy our democracy?

Could the spread of social media and digital technology undermine democracy? Jamie Bartlett, the author of The People versus Tech, believes it could.

He argues there is a compatibility problem between democracy and technology. Institutions and regulations - like a free press, an informed citizenry, rules about election advertising - keep democracy working. All voters get the same facts and messages.

But big data analysis will enable politicians to target voters individually with highly targeted messaging that regulators can’t easily see, exploiting people's psychological vulnerabilities.

Jamie Bartlett explains more.
BBC  video  documentary  democracy  technology 
september 2018 by pierredv
Finding chaos and precision in all things – a philosophy of watchmaking | Aeon Videos
"Filled with the pulses of numerous ticking watch hands, this short documentary from the UK filmmaker Marie-Cécile Embleton profiles a London-based Iranian watchmaker as he muses on the delicate and temporal nature of his work. As Faramarz meticulously polishes wood, shapes metal and positions springs, his personal philosophy emerges – one that values the minutiae of moment-to-moment experiences, and finds craft in all things. Beautifully shot and carefully constructed in a manner that mirrors the work of its subject, The Watchmaker was a film festival favourite in 2017, appearing at the SXSW Film Festival and HotDocs, among others."
AeonMagazine  documentary  film  watchmaking  **  time 
february 2018 by pierredv
Field Song on Vimeo
‘Life is to plow.’ A reflection on struggle, success and the impermanence of both. Directed by Brad Bischoff.
Vimeo  video  story  agriculture  work  documentary 
february 2018 by pierredv
BLOOM on Vimeo
In April this year, director Julian Lucas went on holiday to Japan - his camera came with him.

The result is the film Bloom.

He discovered a peculiar sense of quiet, desolation, and loneliness among the people.
In a country so packed with lights and trains and crowds and experiences, from the theatrical to the serene to patently bizarre, Bloom captures this lovely dichotomy between the people and the cities they inhabit. Inside the noise and the chaos, Julian captures people alone, wandering the streets, buried in telephones - a dull, menacing and peaceful nothingness below the surface.
video  Japan  documentary  Vimeo  ** 
august 2017 by pierredv
The Bloop on Vimeo
"In 1997, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recorded from deep in the ocean one of the loudest sounds ever detected. No known animal could make it and no man-made source was ever found."
Vimeo  acoustics  video  sound  documentary 
july 2017 by pierredv
The Invisible Recorder - Dennis Creffield’s East Anglian Cathedrals on Vimeo
Dennis Creffield makes a return pilgrimage to three East Anglian cathedrals: Peterborough, Ely & Norwich.
“No artist has ever before drawn all the English medieval cathedrals - not even Turner.
I’ve dreamed of doing so since I was a student.”
Dennis Creffield
documentary  art  drawing  architecture  video  Vimeo 
march 2017 by pierredv
DEFCON - The Full Documentary - YouTube
A film about the world's largest hacking convention and its 20th year running. Filmed over the summer of 2012 and containing hundreds of hours of interviews, parties, presentations and spectacle.
Over 280 hours of footage was recorded in support of the documentary, and five separate camera crews were in action
DEFCON  documentary  video  hacking  conference 
september 2016 by pierredv
Delphi: The Bellybutton of the Ancient World (with Michael Scott) - YouTube
"What really went on at the ancient Greek oracle at Delphi, how did it get its awesome reputation and why is it still influential today? Michael Scott of Cambridge University uncovers the secrets of the most famous oracle in the ancient world. A vital force in ancient history for a thousand years it is now one of Greece's most beautiful tourist sites, but in its time it has been a gateway into the supernatural, a cockpit of political conflict, and a beacon for internationalism. And at its heart was the famous inscription which still inspires visitors today - 'Know Thyself'."
BBC  Michael-Scott  Greece  history  Delphi  documentary  video  YouTube 
may 2016 by pierredv
Stanislav Petrov’s real life restaged -
A Russian colonel who averted nuclear apocalypse is the latest to play himself in a style of filming that is part documentary, part method acting
FT  Russia  profile  people  story  nuclear  cold-war  film  documentary 
may 2015 by pierredv
Listening to the silences - Aeon Video
-- What is it like to have multiple beings inhabit your mind? Writer Roy Vincent takes us into a lifetime of hearing voices -- London Film School
film  video  documentary  AeonMagazine  psychology  psychotherapy 
march 2015 by pierredv
The way of the dodo - Aeon Video - documentary
"The end of celluloid might be near, but this devoted cinephile keeps the old movie magic alive in his east London shop" -- by Liam Saint-Pierre
film  cinema  movies  documentary  AeonMagazine 
february 2015 by pierredv
Where are you coming from? - Aeon Video
Life in Lavender Hill and Overcome informal settlement - people evicted from District Six
AeonMagazine  video  documentary  South-Africa 
january 2015 by pierredv
The Last Days of Peter Bergmann - Aeon Video
"In 2009, a man calling himself Peter Bergmann arrived in an Irish town with a plan to disappear forever" Short documentary by Ciaran Cassidy
AeonMagazine  video  stories  people  death  dying  Ireland  Sligo  mystery  documentary 
december 2014 by pierredv
This World - America's Poor Kids (Documentary) - YouTube
"n the United States, child poverty has reached record levels, with over 16 million children now affected. Food banks are facing unprecedented demand, and homeless shelters now have long waiting lists, as families who have known a much better life sometimes have to leave their homes with just a few days notice. This World asks three children whose families are struggling to get by to explain what life In modern America really looks like through their eyes. Told from the point of view of the children themselves, this documentary offers a unique perspective on the nation's flagging economy, and the Impact of unemployment, foreclosure, and financial distress as seen through the eyes of the children affected."
poverty  documentary  video 
june 2014 by pierredv
Video: Bones of the Buddha | PBS Video
SECRETS OF THE DEAD Bones of the Buddha Aired: 07/23/2013 The mystery surrounding the bones of the Buddha dates back more than 100 years ago, when colonial estate manager William Peppe and his workers began digging at a mysterious hill in Northern India.
archaeology  documentary  buddha  PBS  India  video  buddhism 
december 2013 by pierredv
Born and Bred Trailer - Theatrical Premiere August 19th! - YouTube
On August 19th, the long awaited theatrical release of Born and Bred will finally be here. Los Angeles and NYC are the first sites for the screening. For more details see the link below to the official movie site. If you are outside LA/NY, limited edition DVD/Blu-ray to be released alongside the theatrical premiere on August 19th. Official Site: for screening locations and tickets and for more info. About The Film: Born and Bred is a feature-length documentary film chronicling the lives of a new generation of young boxers fighting for their place in the American boxing capital of Los Angeles where Latino immigration is surging to a historical breaking point. At the heart of the film is the story of 15-year-old twin brothers in their last two years in the tough ranks of amateur boxing where boys are made into men and Olympic dreams are won and lost. The documentary takes an inside look at the gritty boxing gyms of East Los Angeles where there are ...
via  VecindadGrafica  immigration  sport  documentary  boxing 
september 2011 by pierredv

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