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Why The Battle Between E-Books And Print May Be Over : NPR Oct 2015
"It's safe to say that e-books disrupted the publishing industry. But sales have leveled off and not entirely for the reasons some have reported."
ebooks  publishing  trends 
january 2016 by pierredv
E-book sales aren't falling: Amazon is winning, publishers are losing - Fortune Sep 2015
"So it’s not so much that the market itself is growing or shrinking by large amounts, it’s more that some within that market are winning while others are losing. That’s a very different picture than the one the New York Times story painted."
Fortune  ebooks  sales  trends 
january 2016 by pierredv
The boys' and girls' Plutarch (Google eBook)
Plutarch G. P. Putnam's sons, 1893 - Biography - 468 pages
eBooks  Plutarch  history 
december 2014 by pierredv
Has white space access come of age?
"Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) is a concept whose time has come, according to a new e-book by William Webb, CEO of the Weightless Special Interest Group." "Under the Ofcom rules, a WSD could reduce its power level to operate safely in channels where full power would not be allowed. This more flexible approach has a profound effect on white space availability, Webb explains..." “Time has shown that the Ofcom approach is quite difficult to implement,” Webb told PolicyTracker. As a result, he believes it would be pragmatic for regulators beginning on white space regulation to follow the simpler US approach initially." "According to Webb, a better approach would be to allow higher levels of access at first, with device power levels revised downwards if interference occurs. "
William-Webb  spectrum  whitespace  FCC  PolicyTracker  rules  Ofcom  ebooks 
october 2013 by pierredv
Smashwords - Explore your blind spot - A book by Tom Stafford
"Discover how the mind hides its tracks. This is a short guide to one of the secrets of mind and brain. Find out about the gaps in your vision and how your mind is designed to stop you noticing them. "
vision  neuroscience  books  via:mindhacks  ebooks 
december 2011 by pierredv
Amazon's Kindle winning battle, but Adobe poised to win eBook war | The Industry Standard
"Though Adobe may balk at the comparison, its role in the eBook market is similar to Microsoft's in the PC market: a builder of a semi-open ecosystem of partners to whom it sells publishing tools.
In this analogy, is like Apple: successful, but secretive, with a reliance on proprietary formats like the Kindle's native AZW that creates customer hassle and lock-in."
x:thestandard  books  ebooks  amazon  adobe  apple 
december 2009 by pierredv

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