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Voting for
"VotingforJudges is a nonpartisan, impartial source of information about judicial elections in the state of Washington. The site was established in 2006 to provide information to voters in connection with the appellate judicial contests that year, and it has expanded to cover all judicial elections throughout the state. All of Washington's 2018 elections will be reported."
elections  voting  resources  judges  WA 
july 2018 by pierredv
2016 President – Winner – PredictWise
"Key data on this page includes: Prediction Markets (Betfair, PredictIt, Hypermind), Polling (HuffPost Pollster), Bookie (OddsChecker). Click here for details of the data collection and aggregation process. "
US  elections  tracking 
march 2016 by pierredv
AEI: Trump’s America -- Charles-Murray
If you are dismayed by Trumpism, don’t kid yourself that it will fade away if Donald Trump fails to win the Republican nomination. Trumpism is an expression of the legitimate anger that many Americans feel about the course that the country has taken, and its appearance was predictable. It is the endgame of a process that has been going on for a half-century: America’s divestment of its historic national identity.
Charles-Murray  AEI  US  politics  class  elections 
february 2016 by pierredv
What NOT to look for in the first GOP debate - - Aug 2015
"Forget the fireworks, the tiptoeing around Donald Trump's histrionics, and all the Republican squabbling. Here's what really matters to voters in choosing a president"
CSMonitor  USA  elections  voting 
august 2015 by pierredv
Voting for
"An information resource for Washington voters "
voting  elections  Washington-state 
october 2014 by pierredv
Minds Don't Change That Much, But Voters Do : NPR
"For all the talk about Americans being fickle and shifting their support from one party to the other, there's a strong case to be made that their minds are pretty much set -- it's how motivated they are to vote that varies." "Individual voters may not change their partisan voting habits very often. But different groups of voters are likely to turn up at the polls on any given Election Day. And the mood of the people who show up to vote has proven very different from one election to the next."
us  politics  elections  npr 
november 2010 by pierredv
UK General Election 2010 political map - Telegraph
noticeable how Tories are south and rural; Labour is northern and urban
politics  uk  elections  visualization  via:computationallegalstudies  maps 
may 2010 by pierredv
New push to pick the president by popular vote |
National Popular Vote initiative would change how states cast Electoral College votes
elections  politics  CSMonitor  *** 
september 2008 by pierredv

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