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Daniel Kahneman: The riddle of experience vs. memory | TED Talk |
Via Linda Change

Three cognitive traps around "happiness":

1. Complexity: too many possible meanings, "happiness" not a useful word anymore, will have to give up use of the word

2. confusion between experience and memory: i.e. being happy in your life vs. being happy about/with your life

3. focusing illusion: we cant' think about anything related to well-being without distorting its importance

"The remembering self is a story-teller"

Colonoscopy example - important thing about a story is changes, significant moments, and (especially) how it ends (JP: raises hard questions about utilitarianism!)

"Time (duration) has very little impact on the story"

"WE don't choose between experiences, we choose between memories of experiences. ... We think of our future as anticipated memories"

Two selves (experiencing and remembering) --> two notions of happiness

"We really should not think of happiness as a substitute for well-being"

Gallup results on money vs. happiness:
= for experiencing self, correlates w/ income up to $60k, then flat line
= for remembering/reflective self, keeps growing
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december 2017 by pierredv
Most smartphone users demand 100% network uptime, survey says - FierceBroadbandWireless
"Only 36 percent of smartphone owners consider it reasonable for their mobile data service to suffer from issues such as unavailability in certain locations, extended downtime and other performance "hiccups," and 40 percent blame their network service provider as the principal cause of problems during use of an application, according to a recent survey. The online survey of 1,000 consumers, conducted by traffic management vendor Vasona Networks, revealed that 64 percent of consumers surveyed cited "good performance all the time" as a reasonable expectation from their mobile data service provider."
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august 2013 by pierredv
Customer experience as a service: a double benefit - Newsletter – Analysys Mason Quarterly - News | Analysys Mason July 2013
“A common observation in network operations (in-house and outsourced) is that service perception and network performance do not often align. Customers (and CEOs) complain about poor service quality, dropped calls or slow Internet access, while according to network operations (and the CTO) network KPI targets are being met.” “This difference in performance perception is largely a result of the legacy of network performance and management. As the number of technologies required to deliver services has multiplied, specialised silos of expertise and management have been created. End-to-end service management was not possible because of the lack of cross-silo, co-ordinated resources, processes and tools.” The solution, at least as far as the management consultants were concerned, was “converging customer and network operations, and combining technical and commercial teams within the operator to agree the customer experience targets.” Hard to see how that maps to unlicensed – except in...
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