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Finding chaos and precision in all things – a philosophy of watchmaking | Aeon Videos
"Filled with the pulses of numerous ticking watch hands, this short documentary from the UK filmmaker Marie-Cécile Embleton profiles a London-based Iranian watchmaker as he muses on the delicate and temporal nature of his work. As Faramarz meticulously polishes wood, shapes metal and positions springs, his personal philosophy emerges – one that values the minutiae of moment-to-moment experiences, and finds craft in all things. Beautifully shot and carefully constructed in a manner that mirrors the work of its subject, The Watchmaker was a film festival favourite in 2017, appearing at the SXSW Film Festival and HotDocs, among others."
AeonMagazine  documentary  film  watchmaking  **  time 
february 2018 by pierredv
Stanislav Petrov’s real life restaged -
A Russian colonel who averted nuclear apocalypse is the latest to play himself in a style of filming that is part documentary, part method acting
FT  Russia  profile  people  story  nuclear  cold-war  film  documentary 
may 2015 by pierredv
Listening to the silences - Aeon Video
-- What is it like to have multiple beings inhabit your mind? Writer Roy Vincent takes us into a lifetime of hearing voices -- London Film School
film  video  documentary  AeonMagazine  psychology  psychotherapy 
march 2015 by pierredv
The way of the dodo - Aeon Video - documentary
"The end of celluloid might be near, but this devoted cinephile keeps the old movie magic alive in his east London shop" -- by Liam Saint-Pierre
film  cinema  movies  documentary  AeonMagazine 
february 2015 by pierredv
▶ Carl Jung: The Wisdom of The Dream - Vol 1 - A Life of Dreams - YouTube
This film is one of a three-part series of films produced by PBS, on the life and works of the great thinker and psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung.
Jung  film  psychotherapy  psychology  PBS  youtube 
january 2014 by pierredv
Man in a Blizzard - Jamie Stuart
Quote in BlogVecindadGráfica Roger Ebert: “Man in a Blizzard,” by Jamie Stuart This film deserves to win the Academy Award for best live-action short subject. (1) Because of its wonderful quality. (2) Because of its role as homage. It is directly inspired by Dziga Vertov’s 1929 silent classic “Man With a Movie Camera.” (3) Because it represents an almost unbelievable technical proficiency. It was filmed during the New York blizzard of Dec. 26, and Jamie Stuart e-mailed it to me with this time stamp: December 27, 2010 4:18:18 PM CST.
video  film  nyc  via  VecindadGrafica  ** 
january 2011 by pierredv
Blade Runner: Hades Landscape | Douglas Trumbull - Immersive Media and Visual Effects
Video of Doug Trumbull explaining how the opening sequence of Blade Runner was made
FX  video  film  via:darkroastedblend 
september 2010 by pierredv
Media: A world of hits | The Economist
"Ever-increasing choice was supposed to mean the end of the blockbuster. It has had the opposite effect"
Excellent story on how the long tail and the surprisingly durable blockbuster are hollowing out the media market - the losers are titles (and retailers) in the not-quite-so-good middle ground.
Fascinating stuff on they blockbuster do well, going back to William McPhee's work in the 60's:
"a disproportionate share of the audience for a hit was made up of people who consumed few products of that type. . . A lot of the people who read a bestselling novel, for example, do not read much other fiction. By contrast, the audience for an obscure novel is largely composed of people who read a lot. That means the least popular books are judged by people who have the highest standards, while the most popular are judged by people who literally do not know any better."
Some great quotes:
"just because people have more choice does not mean they will opt for more obscure entertainments"
media  film  entertainment  ***  TheEconomist  quotations 
december 2009 by pierredv
Death Star over San Francisco // Current
amazing greenscreen effects
"Imperial Fleet Week SF"
film  humor  video 
august 2008 by pierredv

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