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The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2015 | FAO | Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
"Undernourishment means that a person is not able to acquire enough food to meet the daily minimum dietary energy requirements, over a period of one year. FAO defines hunger as being synonymous with chronic undernourishment."
data  development  food  hunger  FAO 
july 2016 by pierredv
FDA Uses Web Tool to Better the Odds for Food Safety | FDA Voice
"Launched in October 2012, FDA-iRISK uses mathematical logic and Monte Carlo simulation (a computer program named for the gambling mecca) to integrate data and generate results that compare and rank risks of the contamination of foods by various hazards. Unlike a traditional risk assessment of a single food and a single contaminant, FDA-iRISK allows users to compare multiple hazards – microbial or chemical – in multiple foods."
FDA  food  health  food-safety  risk  risk-assessment  FDA-iRISK 
march 2015 by pierredv
A Week of Groceries in Different Countries - Wall to Watch
"Peter Menzel photographed different families from all over the world with a week's worth of groceries. "
via  GMSV  diet  food  photography 
may 2013 by pierredv
Ten biggest food and beverage companies failing millions of people who grow their ingredients | Oxfam International Feb 2013
"New Oxfam campaign ranks social policies of food and beverage companies "The social and environmental policies of the world’s ten biggest food and beverage giants are not fit for modern purpose and need a major shake-up, says international agency Oxfam."
development-assistance  Oxfam  food  companies  campaign 
february 2013 by pierredv
Farmerbots: a new industrial revolution - tech - 01 November 2012 - New Scientist
"On the new model farms, precision will be key. Why dose a whole field with chemicals if you can spray only where they are needed? Each plant could get exactly the right amount of everything, no more or less, an approach that could slash chemical use and improve yields in one move." "Almost inevitably, these machines will eventually alter the landscape, too. The real tipping point for robot agriculture will come when farms are being designed with agribots in mind, says Sukkarieh. This could mean a return to smaller fields, with crops planted in grids rather than rows and fruit trees pruned into two-dimensional shapes to make harvesting easier."
food  agriculture  AI  robot  robotics  NewScientist  farming 
november 2012 by pierredv
NMS - Nature Matching System - Tattfoo | Projects
paper placemat with colors of daily recommended fruit & vedge
design  art  food  color  nutrition  gifts 
march 2011 by pierredv
Identifying Supply and Demand Elasticities of Agricultural Commodities: Implications for the US Ethanol Mandate
Michael J. Roberts, Wolfram Schlenker. NBER Working Paper No. 15921, April 2010.
US ethanol mandate increases world food prices by 30%, expanded growing area offsets biofuel CO2 benefit.
economics  agriculture  climate  food  x:NBER 
february 2011 by pierredv
Sir John Beddington on food
The UK's chief scientific advisor on the dilemmas facing the world food system, incl. sustainability and why the era of cheap food is over
food  hunger  **  TheEconomist  video  interviews 
february 2011 by pierredv
Food Security: Science Online Special Collection
"n the 12 February 2010 issue, Science examines the obstacles to achieving global food security and some promising solutions. News articles introduce farmers and researchers who are finding ways to boost harvests, especially in the developing world. Reviews, Perspectives, and an audio interview provide a broader context for the causes and effects of food insecurity and point to paths to ending hunger. A special podcast includes interviews about measuring food insecurity, rethinking agriculture, and reducing meat consumption."
economics  food  hunger  x:sciencemagazine 
march 2010 by pierredv
Food Environment Atlas - US Dept of Agriculture
spatial overview of community's ability to access healthy food, and its success in doing so
food  nutrition  data  maps  visualization  ***  hunger 
february 2010 by pierredv
A smarter way to combat hunger : Nature opinion piece
"Traditional approaches to supplying food are an inefficient 'band aid', says Pedro A. Sanchez. New evidence shows that helping farmers to help themselves is more effective and would be six times cheaper. After decades of progress in the fight to vanquish world hunger, the number of undernourished people is growing again. Estimates from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations suggest that 963 million people1 in poor countries are chronically or acutely hungry — up 109 million from 2004 estimates2." For more, see podcast transcript
africa  food  hunger  NatureJournal 
may 2009 by pierredv
AnnaTheRed’s bento factory
But recently, I’ve discovered a love for making bento (lunchbox in Japanese)!

In Japan, a lots of moms wake up early to make bento for their kids and their husbands. And often, they make cute animals or characters from anime shows out of food, so that kids will enjoy eating healthy food. Those bento are called “Kyaraben” or “Charaben”. (character bento)
people  japan  culture  food 
december 2008 by pierredv

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