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Will Communications Theory Finally Make Itself Redundant? A View from the Academic Trenches | Petar Popovski - IEEE Communications Society
He starts with an old Balkan joke about a lawyer and a tree

He asserts that “there are clear signs that the communication engineering, and especially research in communication engineering, is losing its traction and gives way to other engineering disciplines, such as e.g. machine learning.”

He then suggests three “tracks that have the potential to drive a new and exciting research in communication theory over a longer period”

1. Communication under adversarial impact: “when dealing with adversarial impact instead of dealing only with physical limits, it is much more difficult, if at all possible, to reach a saturation point for research, since the adversary is doing his/her research as well”

2. Interaction among vertical services: “What are the fundamental communication-theoretic problems that arise from interaction among multiple vertical connections, each with different requirements? … In spectrum regulation, and especially for unlicensed spectrum, there is the tendency to make spectrum usage rules generic, as much as possible independent of the requirements of the vertical service. Net neutrality also ... Building a communication theory that addresses the fundamentals of interaction among multiple vertical services, has the potential to change the way we configure communication systems, as well as utilize and regulate the spectrum and communication services.”

3. Communication beyond dedicated electronic circuits: “communication theory leans towards a mathematical sub-discipline. The latter means that communication theory is not necessarily applied only to electronic circuits that are built for communication and has wider implications.”
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march 2017 by pierredv
The Singularity Is Further Than It Appears - Charlie's Diary - Feb 2014
"Are we headed for a Singularity? Is it imminent? I write relatively near-future science fiction that features neural implants, brain-to-brain communication, and uploaded brains. I also teach at a place called Singularity University. So people naturally assume that I believe in the notion of a Singularity and that one is on the horizon, perhaps in my lifetime. I think it's more complex than that, however, and depends in part on one's definition of the word. The word Singularity has gone through something of a shift in definition over the last few years, weakening its meaning. But regardless of which definition you use, there are good reasons to think that it's not on the immediate horizon."
singularity  ai  forecasting  futures  trends  Charles  Stross 
february 2014 by pierredv
Old Magazines - Man reshapes Nature
very politically incorrect: hydrogen bombs to trim mountains, divert hurricanes by burning fuel oil on the ocean...
technology  futures  ** 
december 2011 by pierredv
George Dyson | Evolution and Innovation - Information Is Cheap, Meaning Is Expensive | The European Magazine
"We now live in a world where information is potentially unlimited. Information is cheap, but meaning is expensive. Where is the meaning? Only human beings can tell you where it is. We’re extracting meaning from our minds and our own lives."
trends  history  technology  futures  interviews 
october 2011 by pierredv
Paul Allen: The Singularity Isn't Near - Technology Review
"the complexity brake. As we go deeper and deeper in our understanding of natural systems, we typically find that we require more and more specialized knowledge to characterize them, and we are forced to continuously expand our scientific theories in more and more complex ways"
trends  singularity  futures  via:computationallegalstudies 
october 2011 by pierredv
The Technium: The Futurist's Dilemma
"Clarke says that if you find a prediction reasonable, than it is probably wrong, because the future is not reasonable; it is fantastic! But if you could return from the future with the exact truth about what will happen, no one would believe you because the future is too fantastic! By fantastic he means issuing from the realm of fantasy and the imagination -- beyond what we expect. This is the futurist's dilemma: Any believable prediction will be wrong. Any correct prediction will be unbelievable. Either way, a futurist can't win. He is either dismissed or wrong."
trends  futures  x:technium  via:peterhaynes  quotations 
september 2011 by pierredv
Overcoming Our Aversion to Acknowledging Our Ignorance | Gardner and Tetlock | Cato Unbound
Two groups of experts:
One group of experts tended to use one analytical tool in many different domains; they preferred keeping their analysis simple and elegant by minimizing “distractions.” These experts zeroed in on only essential information, and they were unusually confident. . .

The other lot used a wide assortment of analytical tools, sought out information from diverse sources, were comfortable with complexity and uncertainty, and were much less sure of themselves—they tended to talk in terms of possibilities and probabilities and were often happy to say “maybe.” . . .
futures  prediction  opinion  trends  ** 
july 2011 by pierredv
iKnow WI-WE Bank : description
"iKNOW is a new blue sky research and horizon scanning project launched by the European Commission and lead by Rafael Popper of the University of Manchester"
europe  futures  research 
february 2011 by pierredv
Tomorrow’s Wireless World: Ofcom report on future communications technology - May 2008
Tomorrow’s Wireless World scans the horizon ten to twenty years in the future to discover potentially significant advances and new, innovative technologies which are being developed that could improve healthcare and transport provision.
ofcom  technology  trend  wireless  futures  press-release 
february 2011 by pierredv
The Future: It’s Not What it Used to Be = Larry Downes » Blog Archive »
"Working with pseudo-math and pseudo-physics, Adams calculated that the accelerating pace of change would end civilization by around 1920"
trends  futures  singularity  via:martinweiss 
january 2011 by pierredv
Tomorrow’s Wireless World: Ofcom report on future communications technology | Ofcom
"scans the horizon ten to twenty years in the future to discover potentially significant advances and new, innovative technologies which are being developed that could improve healthcare and transport provision"
wireless  technology  futures  Ofcom 
may 2008 by pierredv
The Shell Global Scenarios to 2025
trilemma triangle: 3 scenarios - "low trust globalization", "open doors", "flags"
futures  commerce  filetype:pdf  media:document 
october 2005 by pierredv

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