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The 5 Keys to Forming Any Habit : zen habits
1. Start super small
2. Remove choice
3. Get some accountability
4. Make it fun, find gratitude
5. Be committed
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may 2017 by pierredv
A Mindful Shift of Focus : zen habits
"Pay attention to your breathing, to tightness in your chest or shoulders, to how it feels in your body. Stay with the feeling for just a couple moments, ... Now notice what it is in this moment that you wish were different. What is missing from this moment that is frustrating you? Frustration stems from what you don’t have."
"It’s easy to get caught up. It’s not so easy to notice that we’re caught up, when it happens. But if you can notice it, just notice that you’re telling yourself a story about this situation. It’s a story about how you wish things were different, how things aren’t how you want them to be.Sit and watch yourself get caught up in this story. Sit and stay with the feelings it produces."
"The antidote to frustration is appreciating what’s already here, in this moment."
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august 2016 by pierredv
To Create a Habit, Tell a Good Story : zen habits
Try to think about some of the following thoughts when you’re working on your habit:

This makes me feel strong/healthy/empowered (or some other positive trait).
I am proud of doing this habit.
I have had some great successes with this.
I’m learning a lot with this habit.
I’ve had good experiences with this habit.
There are some exciting things about this that I’d like to share with people.
I can appreciate the little things about this habit.
There are things I genuinely love about this habit.
This can sometimes be a struggle but it’s definitely worth it.
This habit is improving my life an multiple ways.
I’m lucky to be able to do this habit.
There are things about this habit that I look forward to.
I’ve missed doing this habit sometimes, but over the long run it doesn’t matter.
Doing this habit makes me more resilient.
When I’ve done this habit, I feel accomplished and satisfied.
I feel like a better person when I do this habit.
Just think about one of these each time you do the habit, or just after. And then try another one on the next time you do the habit.
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july 2016 by pierredv
How to master your habits and take control of your life - New Scientist 16 Jan 2016
See sidebar: How to make or break a habit

SCHEDULE IT Figure out when you’re going to perform a new habit and make it part of your day. Consider tying it to something you already do: for instance flossing after you brush your teeth, eating an apple with lunch, going to the gym on your way home from work.

BE SPECIFIC If you want to eat fewer sweets, determine rules to take the choice out of it, such as never eating the treats at work or only eating them if it’s a certain day of the week.

GO EASY ON YOURSELF Gretchen Rubin, author of Better Than Before, says guilt and shame don’t work: “People who do better are the people who show themselves compassion.”

START NOW The beginning of a new week, month, or year can be a popular motivator for changing habits but as Rubin notes, “usually the best time to start is now”.

BE PATIENT Some habits take a long time to make or break (see main story).
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march 2016 by pierredv
How to do well: Getting inside the mind | The Economist May 2011
Review of The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character and Achievement. By David Brooks "David Brooks uses [the story of Walter Mischel's marshmallow experiment] to illustrate how the conscious mind learns to subdue the unconscious. This is not a question of iron will, but about developing habits and strategies that trigger helpful processes in the unconscious, rather than unproductive ones. What matters is to learn to perceive property, people or situations in ways that reduce the temptation to lie, to steal or behave in a self-destructive way."
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march 2011 by pierredv

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