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Response to 5 July 2017 PNT Advisory Board Letter on Ligado Spectrum Proposal
"I was more than puzzled by the July 5, 2017 letter from the PNT Advisory Board (“PNT AB”) about Ligado’s spectrum proposal."
Dennis-Roberson  GPS  Ligado  Interference  harmful-interference 
december 2018 by pierredv
European satellite 'blinded' by radio interference - Oct 2010
The European Space Agency (ESA) said on Wednesday that it had launched a behind-the-scenes campaign to shut down illicit radio and TV transmissions interfering with a major climate satellite.
The 315-million-euro (434-million-dollar) Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) probe "has been bugged by patches of interference from radar, TV and radio transmissions in what should be a protected band," ESA complained.
satellite  harmful-interference  Interference  EarthObservation  ESA  enforcement 
february 2018 by pierredv
47 CFR 2.102 - Assignment of frequencies. | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute
(f) The stations of a service shall use frequencies so separated from the limits of a band allocated to that service as not to cause harmful interference to allocated services in immediately adjoining frequency bands.
spectrum  harmful-interference  interference  regulations  FCC  47CFR  licensing 
october 2017 by pierredv
Analysis: Sorting out the LightSquared GPS interference mess
“It was clear there were very different interpretations of the data from the GPS group and from LightSquared,” Spirent’s Butler said. “What it came down to was the definition of harmful interference. The test methodology was pretty well worked out. We got good data. But without a meaningful common definition for interference, both sides reached different conclusions.”
Middle page of report - page back to start for whole story
LightSquared  GPS  harmful-interference  interference 
july 2011 by pierredv
Finding the Harm in "Harmful Interference" : CommLawBlog - Mitch Lazarus
"Periodically one or another spectrum management body calls for the FCC to promulgate a more objective definition of harmful interference. But that would be ill-advised. We will do much better to continue with a vague formulation that leaves the FCC the flexibility it needs to reach the right result in case-by-case decisions."
via Dale Hatfield
policy  wireless  interference  RF  harmful-interference 
march 2009 by pierredv

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