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Crafty Merit Badges | CraftyPod
" the "Dabbler" merit badge? ... you had to do any eight of these: 1. Take colored chalk and see how many different ways you can use it. 2. Make a drawing or painting of something such as a story you like, a song you like, or a place you have been. 3. Make a pinch pot out of clay. 4. Make a hike stick, simple toy, whistle, cook spoon, or darning egg out of wood. 5. Make a candle holder, corn popper, cookie cutter, or imaginative animal out of tin. 6. Take buches of grass, pine needles, or like material and make a sit-upon by coiling and sewing with raffia or long grass. 7. Learn something about how the American Indian and other folk arts have influenced arts and crafts of today. 8. Cut a leaf pattern or other design into a piece of potato, linoluem, wooden bock, or stencil. Print your design on a smock or apron. 9. Make hand puppets of characters from favorite stories and have each.." 10. Make an imaginative fish or animal form from wire. 11. Make a peepshow or a diorama."
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july 2014 by pierredv
Bluegirl - illustrations by Sungwon
"Fascinating illustrations about a blue girl character caught in imaginary situations"
Faith-is-Torment  art  illustration  imagination 
september 2013 by pierredv

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