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How victory for Google’s Go AI is stoking fear in South Korea - New Scientist Mar 2016
“AlphaGo actually does have an intuition,” Google co-founder Sergey Brin told New Scientist hours after his firm’s series-clinching third victory, which he’d flown in to witness. “It makes beautiful moves. It even creates more beautiful moves than most of us could think of.”
This ability to make beauty has left many shaken. “This is a tremendous incident in the history of human evolution – that a machine can surpass the intuition, creativity and communication, which has previously been considered to be the territory of human beings,” Jang Dae-Ik, a science philosopher at Seoul National University, told The Korea Herald.
Google  AI  games  AlphaGo  NewScientist  beauty  intuition  automation  Korea 
april 2016 by pierredv
Welcome weeds: How alien invasion could save the Earth - environment - 20 January 2011 - New Scientist
"Far from ravaging threatened ecosystems, non-native species could be powerful allies in the fight to save them"
ecosystems  intuition  invasives  pests  NewScientist 
january 2011 by pierredv

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