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Big Telecom Sold Highly Sensitive Customer GPS Data Typically Used for 911 Calls - Motherboard Feb 2019
"Around 250 bounty hunters and related businesses had access to AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint customer location data, according to documents obtained by Motherboard. The documents also show that telecom companies sold data intended to be used by 911 operators and first responders to data aggregators, who sold it to bounty hunters. The data was in some cases so accurate that a user could be tracked to specific spots inside a building."

"Some of the data available to CerCareOne customers included a phone’s “assisted GPS” or A-GPS data, ... A-GPS is a technology that is used by first responders to locate 911 callers in emergency situations."
Motherboard  GPS  cellular  location  surveillance  AT&T  T-Mobile  Sprint 
february 2019 by pierredv
ADS-B Out ‘Non-Complying Emitters’ Occupy FAA | Commercial Aviation content from Aviation Week
"Two years out from its 2020 mandate to equip for automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast “Out” (ADS-B Out) position reporting, the FAA is grappling with a significant number of avionics that were installed improperly. And aircraft operators are lagging in equipping for the requirement, presaging a rush on repair stations as the mandate nears."

"By Jan. 1, 2020, aircraft flying above 18,000 ft. or internationally must be equipped with GPS and Mode S Extended Squitter (1,090 MHz) transponders and lower-flying airplanes in domestic airspace must have GPS and 978 MHz universal access transceivers to regularly broadcast their position—the function called ADS-B Out. Thus far, the FAA has not mandated ADS-B In, the ability to display air traffic on the flight deck, which requires costly software and display modifications."

"In response to a petition by trade group Airlines for America on behalf of its member carriers, the FAA in August 2015 issued Exemption 12555, which allows airlines to operate through 2024 using GPS receivers that do not meet required navigation accuracy and integrity performance standards. But they still must install Version 2 ADS-B Out transponders by the 2020 deadline. "
AviationWeek  ADS-B  aviation  air-traffic-control  location  GPS 
december 2017 by pierredv
OpenCelliD by Unwired Labs
"I am pleased to announce that Unwired Labs will be taking up OpenCellID maintainership responsibilities from EnaiKoon. "
"We plan to transform OpenCellID into an open-source database hub for Cell, WiFi, LPWAN and more."
location  API  OpenCelliD  OCD  database  geography  maps 
april 2017 by pierredv
MLS - Overview
"The Mozilla Location Service (MLS) is an open service which lets devices determine their location based on network infrastructure like Bluetooth beacons, cell towers and WiFi access points. This network based location service complements satellite based navigation systems like A-GPS."

"The service incorporates aggregated cell data from our partner the OpenCellID project. The OpenCellID data is provided under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license and can be acquired from the OpenCellID downloads section. The OpenCellID project puts a stronger emphasis on public data compared to possible privacy risks, whereas this project has a stronger emphasis on privacy. Please consider contributing to the OpenCellID project if you do not agree with the privacy choices made by this project." from
geolocation  location  Mozilla  OpenCellID 
april 2017 by pierredv
How worried are you hackers will discover our locations? : GPS World June 2016
"Hackers using common software-defined radio tools have discovered a cheap way to make a GPS emulator to falsify the GPS location of smartphones and in-car navigation systems."
"As for a hacker corrupting a location, this is a serious problem that needs addressing if connected cars are ever to trust one another’s data."
GPS  GPSWorld  location  spoofing 
july 2016 by pierredv
Schneier on Security: Cell Phones Leak Location Information through Power Usage
Quote inside Schneier piece: "PowerSpy takes advantage of the fact that a phone's cellular transmissions use more power to reach a given cell tower the farther it travels from that tower, or when obstacles like buildings or mountains block its signal. That correlation between battery use and variables like environmental conditions and cell tower distance is strong enough that momentary power drains like a phone conversation or the use of another power-hungry app can be filtered out"
BruceSchneier  cellular  location  surveillance 
february 2015 by pierredv
Opening Up Indoors: Japan’s Indoor Messaging System, IMES : GPS World 2011
"An indoor messaging system (IMES) has been developed to meet the challenges of indoor and deep indoor positioning, as a system that can be implemented in any device that has a GPS/GNSS receiver without hardware modification. IMES can provide reliable 3D position data with a single transmitter device without performing range calculation."
GPSWorld  GPS  indoor  positioning  location  IMES 
december 2014 by pierredv
CSRIC Indoor Location Test Bed Report Summary Results | NextNav
"nly brief summary results by morphology are provided here for accuracy (horizontal and vertical distance errors), yield, TTTF and Uncertainty. Horizontal accuracy results are also summarized by technology vendor. The detailed results of all testing are provided in the attached report entitled: “Indoor Test Report to CSRIC III-WG3.” Those results include individual results per test point per technology and summaries aggregated by building and by morphology. Detailed scatter plots overlaid on Google Earth images are also provided there per technology at each test point. Those provide significant detailed insight that is not captured in the summaries. "
CSRIC  location  E911  911 
july 2014 by pierredv
DecaWave claims accuracy within centimeters for indoor-positioning chip - FierceWirelessTech
"DecaWave, a startup from Dublin, Ireland, today unveiled ScenSor, an integrated circuit that uses impulse radio ultra wideband (IR-UWB) for accurate indoor positioning to within 10 centimeters."
FierceWireless  location  UWB  DecaWave 
november 2013 by pierredv
Tell-all telephone | Data Protection | Digital | ZEIT ONLINE
"Green party politician Malte Spitz sued to have German telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom hand over six months of his phone data that he then made available to ZEIT ONLINE. We combined this geolocation data with information relating to his life as a politician, such as Twitter feeds, blog entries and websites, all of which is all freely available on the internet. By pushing the play button, you will set off on a trip through Malte Spitz's life. The speed controller allows you to adjust how fast you travel, the pause button will let you stop at interesting points. In addition, a calendar at the bottom shows when he was in a particular location and can be used to jump to a specific time period. Each column corresponds to one day."
cellular  telephony  geolocation  location  surveillance  privacy  Zeit  Online 
july 2013 by pierredv
Senator Franken targets indoor-positioning firm Euclid's privacy practices - FierceBroadbandWireless
"Indoor-positioning technologies that can be used by retail establishments and other businesses to track and market to consumers are attracting growing scrutiny, as evidenced by a letter sent from Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) to Euclid, which markets Wi-Fi-generated shopper analytics. According to Euclid, its sensors collect information from nearby phones emitting Wi-Fi signals. That data includes each phone's "unique MAC address, manufacturer code (Apple, Samsung, etc.), signal strength, and, if the device is currently connected to a specific Wi-Fi network, the name of that Wi-Fi network." Euclid anonymizes the data and analyzes it, providing its clients and technology trial partners--including retail giant Nordstrom--with analytics reports they can use to improve their operations. While the stripping out of identifiable information might be comforting to some, one sticking point with Euclid's approach is that it requires smartphone users to opt out of its service, which they may n..."
Euclid  wireless  opt-out  location  surveillance  privacy  retail  FierceWireless 
may 2013 by pierredv
New positioning technology could compete with GPS - tech - 03 January 2013 - New Scientist
"A ground-based system that uses much stronger signals than GPS can pinpoint your location in cities and indoors" Per, it's a " ground-based local positioning system that provides positioning information which is indistinguishable from GPS to an appropriately configured receiver"
indoor  navigation  location  GPS 
april 2013 by pierredv

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