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How to Say ‘Orgasm’ in 27 Different Languages By Leigh Cowart, Dec 2017
How we name things can reveal secrets about how we feel, while giving insight into the deeper recesses of our own psychology. This rings especially true when it comes to language that’s used to describe sex.
TheCut  language  metaphor  sex 
6 weeks ago by pierredv
An AI conference warns us why we need to mind our language | New Scientist issue 3212, Jan 2019
"We’re using the wrong words to talk about artificial intelligence."

"Language is at the heart of the problem. In his 2007 book, The Emotion Machine, computer scientist Marvin Minsky deplored (although even he couldn’t altogether avoid) the use of “suitcase words”: his phrase for words conveying specialist technical detail through simple metaphors. Think what we are doing when we say metal alloys “remember” their shape, or that a search engine offers “intelligent” answers to a query."

"Without metaphors and the human tendency to personify, we would never be able to converse, let alone explore technical subjects, but the price we pay for communication is a credulity when it comes to modelling how the world actually works. No wonder we are outraged when AI doesn’t behave intelligently. But it isn’t the program playing us false, rather the name we gave it."

"Earlier this year in a public forum [Turkish-born Memo Akten, based at Somerset House in London] threatened to strangle a kitten whenever anyone in the audience personified AI, by talking about “the AI”, for instance."
NewScientist  language  quotes  metaphor  thinking  cognition  AI  anthropomorphism  culture 
11 weeks ago by pierredv
Fiction as Orienteering – Jessica Foley, May 2019
"On the 3rd May 2019, I hosted a panel on ‘Fiction as Orienteering’ as part of the 5th International Irish Narrative Inquiry Conference at Trinity College Dublin. The theme of the conference was on “exploring creativity in narrative inquiry“. I took the conference as an opportunity to outline a pattern that’s been developing in my research around fiction in relation to ‘smart’ technologies, specifically the idea that fiction can work as a mode of orientation. "

"a process of research-creation through conversation"

"I’m looking for a metaphor, a model, that I can work with as a context, a thing to put things in, that will help to generate insights on the technologies and technological thinking surrounding, motivating and informing the development of smart cities and communications networks. "

"... open up a conversation on forms of narrative inquiry and creativity that are in some way inflected by fiction, technology and/or a critical sense of orienteering or orientation. "

"Narratives, stories, objects and maps of various kinds can function as a ‘handrail’ that offers orientation, like a thread through a maze. "
stories  storytelling  fiction  metaphor 
12 weeks ago by pierredv
Neil Postman Award for Metaphor | Rattle: Poetry
Neil Postman Award for Metaphor Winners

"Much like George Lakoff and Ludwig Wittgenstein, Postman maintained that words (and words, in truth, are metaphors) are as much the driver of reality as they are the vehicle. ... For Postman, the study of metaphor was unending and metaphors were as crucial as they were omnipresent; they served to give form to and dictate experience. Is America the great melting pot, or is it an experiment in unity through diversity? What metaphors are embedded in television commercials ... Put simply, Postman (like his teacher and hero, Marshall McLuhan), maintained that the medium through which information is conveyed directly colors meaning and our sense of the world ... We are, essentially, what we see, hear, and read. Postman might go so far as to opine that we are the metaphors we use."

This makes me wonder about metaphor shading into myth...
poetry  Rattle  metaphor  Neil-Postman  mythology 
march 2019 by pierredv
Cyber Pearl Harbor: Analogy, fear, and the framing of cyber security threats in the United States, 1991-2016 | Lawson | First Monday March 2019

"During the two and a half decades leading up to the Russian cyber attacks on the 2016 U.S. presidential election, public policy discourse about cybersecurity typically framed cybersecurity using metaphors and analogies to war and tended to focus on catastrophic doom scenarios involving cyber attacks against critical infrastructure. In this discourse, the so-called “cyber Pearl Harbor” attack was always supposedly just around the corner. Since 2016, however, many have argued that fixation on cyber Pearl Harbor-like scenarios was an inaccurate framing that left the United States looking in the wrong direction when Russia struck. This essay traces the use of the cyber Pearl Harbor analogy and metaphor over the 25-year period preceding the Russian cyber attacks of 2016. It argues that cyber Pearl Harbor has been a consistent feature of U.S. cybersecurity discourse with a largely stable meaning focused on catastrophic physical impacts. Government officials have been primarily responsible for driving these concerns with news media uncritically transmitting their claims. This is despite the fact that such claims were often ambiguous about just who might carry out such an attack and often lacked supporting evidence."
FirstMonday  metaphor  analogy  cybersecurity  war 
march 2019 by pierredv
The Rise of a Secondary Market for Domain Names (Part 3/4): Domain Names as Virtual Real Estate
Domain names were described by Steve Forbes in a 2007 press release as virtual real estate. It is, he said, analogous to the market in real property: "Internet traffic and domains are the prime real estate of the 21st century." [1]

Mr. Forbes was not the first to recognize this phenomenon. In a case decided in 1999 (the same year ICANN implemented the UDRP), a federal district court presciently observed that "[s]ome domain names ... are valuable assets as domain names irrespective of any goodwill which might be attached to them." The court continued: "Indeed, there is a lucrative market for certain generic or clever domain names that do not violate a trademark or other right or interest, but are otherwise extremely valuable to Internet entrepreneurs." [2]
metaphor  internet  CircleID 
february 2018 by pierredv
Don't quit now: Why you have more willpower than you think | New Scientist
Built around Carol Dweck's Mindset approach. Metaphor: willpower a store of something vs. a motivation.

"The quitters, Dweck found, blamed their difficulties on lack of ability and felt that they would never make the grade. The more determined children, by contrast, were more motivated by learning itself than by getting good grades, and they tended to see ability as fuelled by effort, rather than set in stone."

Alternative to ego-depletion theory "the difference in people’s ability to stay strong in the face of temptation can be explained by the amount of fuel in our mental reserves." (Roy Baumeister, 1998)

"Meanwhile, other research has directly challenged the idea that glucose is the source from which willpower springs. ... when volunteers gargled a sugary drink before or during a mental challenge, it prevented ego depletion, even if they spat the drink out. This suggests that merely the suggestion of a fuel top-up is enough to keep mental exhaustion at bay. This is tricky for the ego-depletion theory to explain because gargling doesn’t allow time for glucose to be metabolised. It is also more than a placebo, because gargling an artificially sweetened drink doesn’t have the same effect."

"According to the revised theory, whether we are able to maintain self-control comes down to our judgement about how much willpower juice we have left and how we choose to allocate these reserves. As with physical effort, in which our muscles feel tired long before they are close to collapse, how long we can keep going is all about how much energy we think is left."
NewScientist  willpower  psychology  metaphor 
december 2017 by pierredv
The Millions : Trope is the New Meme - The Millions
A few years ago it felt like one could scarcely read a think-piece in any newspaper or magazine without coming across some mention of the word “meme.” Now it seems as though the new meme is the word “trope.” Trope is everywhere.
language  metaphor 
september 2017 by pierredv
The Impact of Conventional and Novel Metaphors in News on Issue Viewpoint | Boeynaems | International Journal of Communication

Metaphors are often used to frame news. Different types of metaphor (conventional, novel) can affect issue viewpoint via different underlying mechanisms (cognitive and affective text perception). We conducted a single-factor (type of expression: conventional metaphor, novel metaphor, nonmetaphorical expression) between-subjects experiment with text perception (cognitive, affective) and issue viewpoint as dependent variables and perceived novelty and perceived aptness of the metaphors as control variables. Type of expression did not affect issue viewpoint. Rather, we found indirect effects of metaphors on both cognitive and affective text perception via perceived novelty and aptness. Perceived novelty positively affected cognitive and affective text perception. However, for cognitive text perception, the positive effect of perceived novelty was countered by a negative effect of perceived aptness. This shows that metaphors work through different mechanisms, evoked by two different types of metaphor perception (perceived novelty, perceived aptness).
IJOC  metaphor  news 
august 2017 by pierredv
Ofcom sets rules for mobile spectrum auction - Ofcom, July 2017
"0 MHz of spectrum will be auctioned in the 2.3GHz band. This band is already supported by mobile devices from manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung. These airwaves could be used immediately after release to provide extra capacity, meaning faster downloads and internet browsing for mobile users.

In addition, 150 MHz of spectrum will be auctioned in the 3.4GHz band. These airwaves are not compatible with most current mobile devices, but are expected to be usable by future phones and tablets."

Spectrum caps

Philip Marnick, Ofcom’s Spectrum Group Director, said: “Spectrum is a vital resource that fuels the UK’s economy."
Ofcom  spectrum-auctions  metaphor  spectrum-caps  spectrum-resource 
july 2017 by pierredv
Disconnect to reconnect: The food/technology metaphor in digital detoxing | Sutton | First Monday

The idea of “going on a digital detox” arrives as a response to a proliferation of digital technology and a concern that this addictive form of sociality erodes meaningful or authentic connection. This paper explores concerns about our relationship with digital technology through a short ethnography of Camp Grounded: a Californian digital detox retreat and summer camp for adults. At Camp Grounded, digital detoxers conceptualise consumption of technology using a food parallel. While the brief connection or “snack” of a text message might temporarily satisfy, detoxers feel that waiting for a more nutritious face-to-face encounter will ultimately be more emotionally nourishing. This paper interrogates the food/technology metaphor to unpack its analytical limitations and the questions it prompts about the future of our relationship with digital technology.
FirstMonday  metaphor 
june 2017 by pierredv
Is totally unoccupied TV band considered TV White Space?
With this flexibility, regulators could move ahead with policies to maximize spectrum usage without having to go through long regulatory processes. Countries such as India will be able to move forward to utilize their currently underutilized TV bands to benefit the unconnected rural areas, thus, achieving the Digital India initiative spearheaded by their Prime Minister Modi. Spectrum is a natural resource that should be used to benefit the people!
metaphor  rhetoric  spectrum  resources 
april 2017 by pierredv
"Innovation Orchards": Helping Tech Start-Ups Scale | ITIF
The new innovation orchard model brings together university, industry, and potentially government partners to provide start-ups with the know-how, access to technology, equipment, and bridge funding to scale up new technologies.
ITIF  metaphor  innovation 
march 2017 by pierredv
Cognitive science: Mind as mirror : Nature : Nature Research
Review of
Surfaces and Essences: Analogy as the Fuel and Fire of Thinking
Douglas Hofstadter & Emmanuel Sander

"In fact, this intriguing, frustrating book seems to exist almost in an intellectual vacuum. Unless one combs through the bibliography, one could mistakenly imagine that it is the first attempt to explore the idea of analogy and metaphor in linguistics, overlooking the work of Raymond Gibbs, Andrew Ortony, Esa Itkonen and many others."
metaphor  analogy  cognition  books  reviews  NatureJournal 
march 2017 by pierredv
Senate Looks At Spectrum Value | Multichannel - Feb 2017
The Senate Communications Subcommittee will hold its first hearing of the new Congress March 2 and the subject is spectrum, specifically its value to the U.S. economy.
That will include looking at the demand for licensed and unlicensed spectrum, as well as the FCC's spectrum auctions--the broadcast incentive auction is wrapping up at the end of March. It's value to the Treasury is at least $7 billion.
spectrum  metaphor 
february 2017 by pierredv
Senate, House Aides Said to Vie for Top NTIA Spot | Bloomberg BNA
"The NTIA is a Department of Commerce agency that plays a critical role in managing one of the country’s most valuable, if intangible, natural resources: radio wave spectrum"
metaphor  spectrum  resources 
february 2017 by pierredv
Spectrum Auctions: Eli Noam
"Could the state sell off the right to the color red? To the frequency high A-flat?"
George Gilder noted that: "You can no more lease electromagnetic waves than you can lease ocean waves.... You can use the spectrum as much as you want as long as you don't collide with anyone else or pollute it with high‑powered noise or other nuisances."
spectrum  metaphor  Eli-Noam 
july 2016 by pierredv
An allegory is not the same as a metaphor. In praise of the medieval literary tradition. -- Slate, Laura Miller , May 2016
Reminds me a lot of Jungian dream interpretation
"An entire literary tradition is being forgotten because writers use the term allegory to mean, like, whatever they want."
"An allegory, in short, is not just another word for a metaphor. In essence, it’s a form of fiction that represents immaterial things as images."
<praise of CS Lewis as literary critic>
"The characters in allegories like the 13th-century poem Roman de la Rose, or Edmund Spenser’s 16th-century masterpiece, The Faerie Queene, are “flat” by contemporary standards, possessed of only a few traits and behaving with inhuman consistency. But, as Lewis demonstrates in a long, virtuosic reading of Roman de la Rose, this is because they aren’t actually meant to be characters. Instead these people, the objects they handle, and the spaces they occupy all represent aspects of the self."
"The literate people of the Middle Ages were experts at comprehending art in this way. They routinely compounded vast amounts of meaning into certain ideas or motifs, partly because they were always attempting to integrate the cultural legacy of classical paganism into Christian theology."
"In a great allegory, the imagery is not a code for the underlying theme; it is every bit as important as theme."
rhetoric  allegory  metaphor  Slate  *  psychology  psychotherapy 
june 2016 by pierredv
Versed in science - Nature Blog March 21, 2016 | by Barbara Kiser
"Speculating on this ancient fusion of science and poetry, Padel points to their mutual use of metaphor; their predication on precision; their toleration of uncertainty."
science  poetry  metaphor  NatureJournal 
march 2016 by pierredv
CHIPS Articles: Spectrum Isn't Like "Other Natural Resources" -- By Thomas Kidd and Mark Rossow - October-December 2010
"The moment that a radio, radar or some other spectrum-enabled device stops using a radio frequency, that radio frequency becomes instantly reusable by some other device. This simple, yet remarkable, difference means that efforts to manage and conserve the electromagnetic spectrum as if it were a natural resource, like water and land, are often misguided or ill-conceived. A resource that is instantly renewable cannot really be in short supply. As such, spectrum conservation is a misnomer." BUT if the resource is operating rights, then conservation (preserving option value) does make sense.
spectrum  metaphor  resources 
january 2016 by pierredv
Why do skyscrapers stand up (when networks fall down)?
There’s a good reason why we don’t sweat with fear when we walk under thousands of tons of metal and furniture held above our heads. Engineering of buildings is a very mature discipline. After all, we have millennia of experience at it. The materials we work with—concrete, steel, glass—have been around for a long time. . . . You can contrast this state of affairs with broadband performance engineering, which is very new and (in comparison) is an immature discipline. Many of the people who built the first packet networks are still alive and kicking. We have yet to have much turnover of generations to allow bad ideas to die off, and to get the fundamental science sorted out. As a result, broadband services often have poor cost or quality of experience outcomes, certainly in comparison to civil engineering. So why are they often more like comedy castles than soaring skyscrapers?
Martin-Geddes  networking  construction  architecture  broadband  metaphor 
september 2015 by pierredv
Virus hiding in our genome protects early human embryos - life - 20 April 2015 - New Scientist
"If DNA is a jungle, then the viruses are the animals and plants that live and adapt within it, says Villarreal" "Retroviruses insert their genetic material into the cells of their human or animal host. At first, this causes disease and death. Over time, however, the host evolves resistance to the virus, allowing any DNA that has embedded itself into sperm or egg cells to be passed down to the next generation. The virus is now known as an endogenous retrovirus or ERV – a permanent fixture in the host's genome."
NewScientist  metaphor  genetics 
june 2015 by pierredv
How to design a metaphor – Michael Erard – Aeon
"Can metaphors be designed? I’m here to tell you that they can, and are. ... I continue to shape and test metaphors for private-sector clients and others. In both cases, these metaphors are meant to help people to understand the unfamiliar. They aren’t supposed to make someone remark: ‘That’s beautiful.’ They’re meant to make someone realise that they’ve only been looking at one side of a thing." - "It was the Princeton psycholinguist Sam Glucksberg who in 2003 argued that metaphors are really categorisation proposals. "
metaphor  writing  design  psychology  linguistics  ** 
june 2015 by pierredv
Diane Ponterotto, HAPPINESS IS MOVING UP: Conceptualizing emotions through motion verbs
via Nina Nel Abstract: "This paper reports an investigation into the role of motion verbs in representing emotional states by means of a cross-linguistic observation of English and Italian. The study selects the emotion HAPPINESS for observation and presents empirical data which reveals the metaphorical extension of movement constructions to conceptualize emotions. It posits a Conceptual Metaphor framework which can account for the use of verbs encoding manner of physical movement to conceptualize a cognitive/psychological state of emotion."
linguistics  metaphor  language 
march 2015 by pierredv
Understand faulty thinking to tackle climate change - Opinion - George Marshall - Aug 2014
Kahneman "regards climate change as a perfect trigger [for loss aversion]: a distant problem that requires sacrifices now to avoid uncertain losses far in the future." "... the real problem: climate change is exceptionally amorphous. It provides us with no defining qualities that would give it a clear identity: no deadlines, no geographic location, no single cause or solution and, critically, no obvious enemy. ... leaving climate change wide open to another of Kahneman's biases – an "assimilation bias" that bends information to fit people's existing values and prejudices." "This silence is similar to that found around human rights abuses, argued the late Stanley Cohen" "Our response to climate change is uncannily similar to an even more universal disavowal: unwillingness to face our own mortality, says neuroscientist Janis Dickinson" "it is a mistake to assume that the scientific evidence of climate change will flow directly into action – or, conversely, that climate denial can be"
metaphor  rhetoric  climate-change  politics  bias  loss-aversion  assimilation-bias  narrative 
october 2014 by pierredv
Beyond Coping: I. The Buddha as Doctor, the Dhamma as Medicine
The Buddha as Doctor, the Dhamma as Medicine - inventory of passages in the Pali canon where the medical metaphor is used. For comparison with Nussbaum's book "Therapy of Desire" about Hellenistic philosophy. Interesting quote at the end, by analogy with Four Noble Truths: For a comparison with ancient Indian medical theory: From the >Caraka Sa.mhitaa, 9.19: "The best physician, one fit to treat a king, is he whose knowledge is fourfold: the cause [hetu], symptom [], cure [pras/amana], and non-recurrence [apunarbhava] of diseases."< Per wikipedia, Caraka Saṃhitā or "Compendium of Caraka" is an early Ayurvedic encyclopedia on medicine, datable to the period 100 BCE -- 100 CE
metaphor  accesstoinsight  texts  buddhism  medicine  philosophy 
october 2012 by pierredv
A Tool Without a Handle | Chuck Cosson - Center for Internet and Society - Oct 2012
"This is a short essay to introduce three topics I’ll be exploring in various ways, including writing, talking, and reading:

1) How metaphor powerfully shapes the beliefs we hold about the Internet - and is used by advocates seeking to shape the beliefs of others.

2) How the “cyberspace’ metaphor has outlived much of its usefulness, causes us to focus attention on the wrong things, and inaccurately describes how people use information technology.

3) How thinking of information technologies as tools responds to weaknesses in the “cyberspace” metaphor. "
metaphor  cyberspace 
october 2012 by pierredv
Economies Need the Visible Hand of a Gardener: Hanauer and Liu- Bloomberg Jan 2012
Quote: "an economy can no more self-correct than a garden can self-tend"
"It turns out these phenomena, and advanced economies in particular, aren’t simple, predictable and efficient like machines. They are complex, adaptive and effective like ecosystems. They are subject to the same feedback loops and evolutionary forces." Applying this to our economic and social policies requires a deep shift in our thinking, from a 19th century “Machinebrain” to a 21st century “Gardenbrain.”
via:tren  complexity  economics  metaphor  quotations 
january 2012 by pierredv
Class warfare. War on teachers. War on business. War in America? - commentary by Jeremy Shapiro
"Based on all the 'wars' partisan politicians claim their opponents are waging on innocent parts of America, it's a wonder any of us are still alive. The 'war' metaphor may win media coverage and rile voters, but it excludes the kind of debate that can actually solve problems."
war  metaphor  csmonitor  usa  politics 
november 2011 by pierredv
Is crime a virus or a beast? How metaphors shape our thoughts and decisions | Discover Magazine
"Kelling argued that the cops hadn’t wilfully neglected their duties. Their actions were swayed by their views of police-work, which were in turn affected by metaphors. They saw themselves as crime-fighters who trod the “thin blue line” protecting innocent civilians from criminal marauders. With this role entrenched in their minds, they saw their job as catching the rapist, even at the expense of preventing further crimes. As Kelling said, the eight Buffalo schoolgirls “were victims, though no one realized it at the time, not only of a rapist, but of a metaphor.”"
psychology  metaphor  crime  bias  decision-making 
july 2011 by pierredv
How metaphors shape the debate about crime fighting - Boroditsky Feb 2011
"Psychology Assistant Professor Lera Boroditsky and doctoral candidate Paul Thibodeau have shown that people will likely support an increase in police forces and jailing of offenders if crime is described as a "beast" preying on a community. But if people are told crime is a "virus" infecting a city, they are more inclined to treat the problem with social reform."

"They found Republican participants were about 10 percent more likely to suggest an enforcement-based solution [than Democrats]. But the difference was substantially less than the difference triggered by the metaphor."
metaphor  crime  psychology  language 
july 2011 by pierredv
The selfish metaphor: Conceits of evolution - Mary Midgley - 31 January 2011 - New Scientist
Tag line: "Many people dismiss metaphors and imagery as surface polish. But just look at the way they have hijacked our thinking on evolution" Midgley: "The trouble with metaphors is that they don't just mirror scientific beliefs, they also shape them. Our imagery is never just surface paint, it expresses, advertises and strengthens our preferred interpretations. It also usually carries unconscious bias from the age we live in - and this can be tricky to ditch no matter how faulty, unless we ask ourselves how and why things go wrong, and start to talk publicly about how we should understand metaphor."
metaphor  evolution  NewScientist  opinion  *  history 
march 2011 by pierredv
The challenges of classification: emerging VOIP regulation in Europe and the United States = Bach & Sallet, FirstMonday 2005
Abstract: Internet telephony — or Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) — has the potential to transform the world of voice communications more profoundly than anything since the invention of the telephone itself. As telecommunications incumbents and a range of new entrants begin rolling out commercial VOIP services, policymakers around the world are grappling with the regulatory implications. In the United States and the European Union, the two largest near–term VOIP markets, efforts are underway to fit VOIP into existing regulatory frameworks. This process of "regulatory classification" is by no means a purely administrative act. A lot is at stake and different interest groups have therefore mobilized to shape the respective outcomes. Because legacy regulatory systems in Europe and the United States differ, the regulatory treatment of VOIP in the two markets is beginning to differ as well. Yet in both markets there is a substantial danger that fitting VOIP into existing classifications will force VOIP to look more like regular telephony, thereby limiting its innovation potential.
VOIP  regulation  FirstMonday  Jonathan-Sallet  metaphor  classification  law 
december 2010 by pierredv
France readies spectrum auction for 4G networks - RCR Wireless News
"These frequencies are of very, very high quality." Actually metonymy?
wireless  spectrum  metaphor  rcrwireless 
december 2010 by pierredv
The Mind is a Metaphor
Brad Pasanek's site
"This blog-like site is composed of experiments and explications. Treated herein are select metaphors of mind from British eighteenth-century literature. A more complete collection of metaphors—some 7,800 metaphors—is taxonomized here in the The Mind is a Metaphor database.

You are viewing a cabinet of curiosities. I fish out peculiar and interesting metaphors from The Mind is a Metaphor database, display, and discuss them here."
metaphor  mind  literature 
september 2010 by pierredv
Mind over matter? How your body does your thinking - life - 24 March 2010 - New Scientist
New experimental results that seem to bear out Lakoff's contention about the embodiment of metaphors. Tobias Loetscher at Melbourne et al has run experiments where our ability to think of random numbers are linked to bodily movements: eye movement could predict the size of the number the subject was going to say. Also interesting other work where moving objects up or down between shelves affected mood.
cognition  psychology  neuroscience  behavior  metaphor  NewScientist 
april 2010 by pierredv
Is AT&T metering the iPhone on-ramp in NYC? | Good Morning Silicon Valley
“Spectrum is the equivalent of our highways,” said Christopher Guttman-McCabe of CTIA-The Wireless Association, an industry trade group. “That’s how we move our traffic. And the volume of that traffic is increasing so dramatically that we need more lanes. We need more highways.”
metaphor  spectrum 
december 2009 by pierredv
Climate change: no Eden, no apocalypse - Mike Hulme, opinion - 07 September 2009 - New Scientist
Essay on how to use the idea of climate change to support various projects. Identifies "four enduring myths" to frame climate change debate: = Edenic = Apocalyptic = Promethean = Themisian Mike Hulme: "The value in identifying these mythical stories in our discourses about climate change is that they allow us to see climate change not as simply an environmental problem to be solved, but as an idea that is being mobilised in various ways around the world." "Having established that climate change is as much an idea as a physical phenomenon, we can deploy it in positive and creative ways." "It is important to note that these creative uses of the idea of climate change do not demand consensus over its meaning"
climate  environment  science  metaphor  NewScientist  myth  story  *** 
november 2009 by pierredv
FCC chairman takes the hot seat at wireless gathering | CTIA Fall show - CNET Reviews
Genechowski speech to CTIA Fall, Oct 009
"spectrum is oxygen to mobile"
metaphor  mobile  fcc 
october 2009 by pierredv
What is Actor-Network Theory?
compendium of one-paragraph definitions by a series of people
sociology  reference  definition  spectrum  metaphor 
september 2009 by pierredv
Brett Glass ISART presentation "Spectrum Issues: A Different Perspective"
per note in mail Aug 2009: "By the way, I was very interested by your paper on non-spatial metaphors for radio policy. Some of the concepts are similar to those mentioned in my ISART paper (presented there in Boulder a few years ago) at"
spectrum  metaphor  rf 
august 2009 by pierredv
Salvation or Destruction: Metaphors of the internet = Johnston Johnston
"People use metaphors routinely to express their thoughts regarding the Internet’s nature and potential. In a study of editorials over a three month period, writers used metaphors of physical space, physical speed, salvation, and destruction to describe the Internet. We need to understand what these metaphors imply and how they impact the Internet’s future."
metaphor  internet  x:firstmonday 
april 2009 by pierredv
Five Ways Brain Scans Mislead Us: Scientific American
# Metaphors are often used in science to understand difficult and counterintuitive phenomena.
# The metaphor of the mind as a Swiss Army knife, a collection of specialized modules designed to solve specific problems, has been enhanced by brain-scanning technologies such as functional magnetic resonance imaging.
# Such brain scans, however, are misleading on a number of levels and have led some neuroscientists and the media to overemphasize the localization of brain function
metaphor  cognition  via:sciam  ** 
october 2008 by pierredv
The Power of Words: Scientific American
Intro to special issue:
"the words we choose can shape how we individually and collectively consider complex issues. If we speak of the “war” against terrorism, for instance, that implies battlefield solutions. But if we talk about it as a “crime” or a “disease,” that suggests approaches that are different—and perhaps ultimately more effective—for combating an intractable nonstate enemy. Each term has benefits and drawbacks, and they may be most effective when used in combination, as experts Arie W. Kruglanski, Martha Crenshaw, Jerrold M. Post and Jeff Victoroff explain in “Talking about Terrorism.”"
words  metaphor  cognition  via:sciam 
october 2008 by pierredv
The book of nature -
"Galileo's famous metaphor of the "book of nature", which he used to defend the work of scientists from religious authorities, can be dangerous today, says Robert P Crease"
history  metaphor  science 
august 2008 by pierredv
Science Historians Ponder Naming 'Enemies' In Science Literature
Matthew Chew and Manfred Laubichler discuss a fundamental problem in the science of ecology – its use of metaphorical language.
metaphor  science  ecology  ** 
july 2008 by pierredv
Anil Dash: Blackbird, Rainman, Facebook and the Watery Web
"Think of the web, of the Internet itself, as water. Proprietary platforms based on the web are ice cubes. They can, for a time, suspend themselves above the web at large. But over time, they only ever melt into the water."
web  metaphor 
october 2007 by pierredv
Metaphors We Live By, Lakoff and Johnson
Précis, no author given, of "Metaphors We Live By" by Lakoff and Johnson
metaphor  linguistics 
october 2007 by pierredv
Innovation Ecosystem
metaphor galore: "Why ecosystem? Because great innovation happens organically, with sloppy edges and growth spurts. Because as with nature, innovation doesn't take place in a vacuum - it is dependent upon and interrelated to all things around it. And beca
innovation  metaphor 
july 2007 by pierredv
Welcome To Planet Apple
Apple's "ecosystem" - example of metaphors. Blogged to DF9
Apple  metaphor 
july 2007 by pierredv
Reality Desktop Video
taking the metaphor literally - stop motion animation, it looks like
video  metaphor 
july 2007 by pierredv
The Frontal Cortex : The Living City
metaphor of the city as metabolizing organism
metaphor  architecture  urbanism 
june 2007 by pierredv
French Twist -
opinion piece on intercepting data

metaphor: "As our data flows between servers and services, through the hands of various partners and providers, do we have any idea where it stops to rest for a moment or two? I think it's important to ask the questio
security  policy  metaphor 
june 2007 by pierredv
Mixing Memory : Mind Metaphors
link to Gentner and Grudin paper on metaphors in psychology
metaphor  psychology 
may 2007 by pierredv
The right and wrong way to think about heart attacks. - By Darshak Sanghavi - Slate Magazine
perils of plumbing analogies for heart attacks
also a great story of Forsmann tying a nurse to an operating table when she tried to stop him put a catheter up his own arm
medicine  metaphor  stories 
may 2007 by pierredv
A Crowd of One - |
review of Clippinger book
Lefty perspective, of course
Note web/net metaphors of cooperation
metaphor  internet  commons 
may 2007 by pierredv
The Seattle Times: Business & Technology: Digital Renaissance summons defenders
""A lot of the assets actually leave the castle," Mundie said, stretching the analogy to include laptops and smartphones loaded with corporate and personal data. "And people say, 'No matter where I am, I want to be able to get at the stuff in the castle,
security  metaphor 
february 2007 by pierredv
"The leaders of the first generation were influenced by the metaphor of the electrical communications devices that where in use in their lifetimes, all of which centered on the sending of signals down wires. This started, oddly enough, with predecessors o
metaphor  software  programming 
february 2007 by pierredv
The Seattle Times: Business & Technology: Hackers' infections slither onto Web sites
"The New York initiative, announced last month, will involve equipping 911 facilities with the necessary technology to accept the photos and videos, which often may come from cellphones."
security  metaphor 
february 2007 by pierredv
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