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AI narratives: portrayals and perceptions of artificial intelligence and why they matter | Royal Society
In a series of four workshops (PDF), the Royal Society and Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence explored:

which narratives around intelligent machines are most prevalent, and their historical roots;
what can be learned from how the narrative around other complex, new technologies developed, and the impact of these;
how narratives are shaping the development of AI, and the role of arts and media in this process; and
the implications of current AI narratives for researchers and communicators.
AI  narratives  stories  RoyalSociety 
may 2019 by pierredv
Give the public the tools to trust scientists : Nature News & Comment
Whereas journalists are debating facts and falsehood, their own role and possible ways to react, scientists seem to see themselves as victims of, rather than active players in, the new political scene. Most debate centres on how the new political order threatens scientific knowledge and research funding, or downgrades climate-change policy.

All are important, but what's overlooked by many is how science is losing its relevance as a source of truth. To reclaim this relevance, scientists, communicators, institutions and funders must work to change the way that socially relevant science is presented to the public.
science  truth  journalism  narratives  NatureJournal 
january 2017 by pierredv

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