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Karl Ove Knausgård on his book about Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. Studio360 May 2019
Knausgård commends Munch for continually ridding himself of his familiar habits as an artist. He tells Kurt Andersen that it’s a method that both painters and novelists benefit from.

“If you want to get rid of all the automatic ways in, then you have to do something from scratch so to speak and build something that you haven't done before,” Knausgård says. “It's like you do it for the first time. And I think that's that's the best place to be in writing…. And I think Munch somehow searched for those places in his painting throughout his life.”
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may 2019 by pierredv
20 Must-Read Dystopian Novels That Are Set In A Futuristic World
Books on predicting the end of world and the raise of a calamitous society are gaining more prominence of late. If you are a Sci-Fi fanatic who derives great pleasure in reading plots set in a futuristic world then this collection of 20 great dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction books is for you.
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may 2019 by pierredv
Bring back the serialized novel - The Washington Post - Hillary Kelly
"More than 150 years later [after Dickens], the publishing industry is in the doldrums, yet the novel shows few signs of digging into its past and resurrecting the techniques that drove fans wild and juiced sales figures. The novel is now decidedly a single object, a mass entity packaged and moved as a whole. That’s not, of course, a bad thing, but it does create a barrier to entry that the publishing world can’t seem to overcome. Meanwhile, consumers gladly gobble up other media in segments — whether it’s a “Walking Dead” episode, a series of Karl Ove Knausgaard ’s travelogues or a public-radio show (it’s called “Serial” for a reason, people) — so there’s reason to believe they would do the same with fiction. What the novel needs again is tension. And the best source for that tension is serialization."
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april 2015 by pierredv
The New Wave of Graphic Novels - WSJ Jan 2015
"Graphic-novel sales are outpacing the overall trade-book market, and their audience has expanded to include more women and younger readers. Graphic-novel publishers are offering an increasing number of stories featuring female protagonists. At the same time, the number of female creators in the field has grown."
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january 2015 by pierredv

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