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Guest Post on Patent Pools and Competition | Patently-O Editorial DAvid Balto, Brendan Coffman
"Patent pools pose a unique challenge to antitrust enforcement. On the one hand they solve collective action problems and allow participants to achieve economies of scale that would otherwise be impossible. Patent pools enable market participants to join complementary intellectual property to better manage those IP rights. As the Department of Justice noted, patent pools may “provide competitive benefits by integrating complementary technologies, reducing transaction costs, clearing blocking positions, and avoiding costly infringement litigation.” On the other hand, patent pools can create competitive problems by conferring market power on a group (in the case of member-owned patent pools) or entity (in the case of stand-alone patent pools). Thus, the antitrust enforcement agencies have always been concerned if the pools are over-inclusive and include competing technologies. "
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july 2014 by pierredv

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