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Help to shape policy with your science - Nature career feature, Aug 2018
"When scientists get involved in policy, they should be careful not to advocate for specific solutions, warns Gluckman. Instead, he says, quoting from a book by political scientist and public-policy expert Roger Pielke Jr, a scientist should be an ‘honest broker’, helping policymakers to understand possible policy options and their consequences."

"Most of all, scientists should understand that policymakers rarely want to hear about the results of a researcher’s latest peer-reviewed study. "

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"To make sure science influences policy, it’s best to collaborate with policymakers from the start, says Mach."
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august 2018 by pierredv
Open data movement: how to keep information from being politicized. - Slate Magazine, David Eaves, Sep 2012
"Governments are releasing more information than ever. But now we have to face new kinds of political debates."
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