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The Silencing of Prison Legal News | The Crime ReportThe Crime Report, June 2018
Last month, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers Alabama, Georgia and Florida, upheld the state’s decision to ban Prison Legal News (PLN), on the grounds that it carries ads for services that are prohibited in Florida correctional facilities.
law  prison  justice  PLN  press  journalism  FirstAmendment 
august 2018 by pierredv
How a mother-daughter duo has helped inmates read with their kids -
Elizabeth Handel and her daughter Jane have collected some 30,000 books that have then been distributed to prisons in the Boston area. When inmates share the books with their children, it can strengthen family bonds.
CSMonitor  philanthropy  reading  children  prison 
march 2017 by pierredv
StoryCorps: In A Jail Sentence, A Veteran's Redemption — With Help From A Fellow Vet : NPR
Serna had been struggling to adapt to life back home, and, after violating probation on a DWI charge, he was sentenced by Olivera to a night in jail. He would have spent that time in his cell alone with his thoughts, if Olivera hadn't joined him.
compassion  NPR  jail  prison 
october 2016 by pierredv
In one Colorado prison, convicts save dogs, veterans – and themselves -
"For the women on Unit 1, a dog-training program has brought a second chance. For a vet struggling with PTSD, it has opened a new life"
CSMonitor  prison  dogs  healing  veterans 
august 2016 by pierredv
Why free lawyers shouldn’t come cheap -
"The US criminal justice system tilts against public defenders. But some states are trying to fix the imbalance."
"n Loudoun County, Va., where Ruzic works as an assistant public defender, the police department gets $84 million, county prosecutors get $3.3 million, and public defenders get $2.1 million. "
CSMonitor  prison  justice  prosecution 
july 2016 by pierredv
Prison Sangha at Washington State Reformatory | Still Sitting Meditation Supply
"We recently had the pleasure of speaking with a community leader who uses our cushions for a very special purpose. Amy Darling is a Seattle-based acupuncturist, herbalist, and mindfulness teacher. Darling, who has been practicing meditation for 20 years, has spent the past 9 years traveling to the Washington State Reformatory (WSR) in Monroe, where she leads a group of prisoners in meditation each month. Darling is one of several Buddhist volunteers who support inmates at WSR."
Buddhism  meditation  prison 
january 2016 by pierredv
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Correctional Education: A Meta-Analysis of Programs That Provide Education to Incarcerated Adults | RAND
According to RAND research, inmates who take part in education programs had 43% lower odds of returning to prison. The findings also suggest a return on investment of $4 to $5 during the first three years after release for each $1 invested in prison education
RAND  prison  education 
july 2015 by pierredv
Sign in to read: Just obeying orders? Rethinking obedience and atrocity - opinion - 12 September 2014 - New Scientist
Stanley Milgram "shock experiments" "Not only have recent historical studies led researchers to question Arendt's claims that Eichmann and his ilk simply went along thoughtlessly with the orders of their superiors, but reanalysis of Milgram's work has also led social psychologists to cast serious doubt on the claim we are somehow programmed to obey authority." See sidebar on Philip Zimbardo "prison experiment": "Although Zimbardo presents his findings as evidence of "blind conformity" to role, it is apparent that he gave his guards clear guidance on how he expected them to behave when briefing them for the study." "...we have argued that the behaviour of those guards was not the result of blind conformity, but the result of engaged followership that flowed from identification with Zimbardo's leadership"
Stanley.Milgram  psychology  experiment  obedience  Zimbardo  prison  evil  ** 
october 2014 by pierredv
Prisonation : Sandow Birk
"A series of landscape paintings and prints depicting all of California's thirty-three state prisons, inspired by paintings of the American West from the 19th century."
painting  prison  California  Sandow.Birk  art 
september 2014 by pierredv
"Welcome to the Prison Phone Justice website, maintained by the Human Rights Defense Center! This site deals with the issue of prison and jail phone calls, which typically cost much more than non-prison calls. Prison phone contracts are based on a "commission" model, where the phone service provider pays a commission (kickback) to the contracting government agency, such as a state prison system or county jail. These kickbacks inflate the costs of prison and jail phone calls, which in the vast majority of cases are paid not by prisoners but by their family members. This website includes detailed information on state-by-state prison phone rates and commission data, as well as reports, articles and other resources related to prison phone services and the prison phone industry. Also please visit the Campaign for Prison Phone Justice site, which includes resources for getting involved in this issue as an advocate or activist."
prison  telephony  phone-justice  justice 
july 2014 by pierredv
Nation Inside
"Nation Inside is a platform that connects and supports people who are building a movement to systematically challenge mass incarceration in the United States."
prison  justice  prison-justice  mass-incarceration 
july 2014 by pierredv
Campaign for Washington Prison Justice -
"The Washington Prison Phone Justice Campaign demands an end to the unjust costs of telephone calls from Washington prisons, jails and other detention facilities." Also at
prison  justice  prison-justice  telephony 
july 2014 by pierredv
Criminal justice (2): The new debtors’ prisons | The Economist
report/critique of getting offenders to pay for enforcement. Quote: "That Brennan Centre study found that nine of the 15 American states with the largest prison populations permit “collection fees” on criminal-justice debt, which are often payable to private firms. Only one of the 15 (Texas) exempts penniless defendants from additional collection fees. All this occurs routinely, though the Supreme Court ruled in 1983 that before a court jails someone for failing to pay a fine or fee, it must first ensure that his failure to pay was wilful—that he could have paid but chose not to. Jailing someone because he cannot pay violates the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause. Similarly, 13 of the 15 states studied by the Brennan Centre charge defendants public-defender fees ($50 for a misdemeanour and $100 for a felony defence in Florida; in Virginia, as much as $1,235 for some felonies), even though the Supreme Court ruled in 1963 that the Sixth Amendment required courts to provid"
prison  TheEconomist  ACLU  Brennan  Center  for  Justice 
december 2013 by pierredv
Back to Jail in Burma -
"Today I go back to Insein Prison, where I was detained in the late 1990s and where throughout the decades of military rule in Myanmar, most political opponents were interrogated, tried and held. I was taken there directly from my home in 1998, as a 20-year-old university student, and was given a 21-year sentence on charges of distributing subversive pamphlets. I served seven years, in Insein and two other prisons, before being released in a general amnesty in 2005. Now I am heading back, as a volunteer in a 10-day Vipassana meditation course for prisoners."
prison  NYTimes  Burman  vipassana 
july 2013 by pierredv
The poor in America: In need of help | The Economist
"America’s poor were little mentioned in Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. They deserve better"

"Time in prison makes a person more likely to earn less, more likely to have trouble holding on to a job and less likely to be married. Roughly three-quarters of high-school dropouts with prison records never make it above the bottom income quintile. The eightfold growth in the prison population from 1970 to 2010 has turned ever more poor decisions into poor lives."
prison  policy  politics  USA  poverty 
december 2012 by pierredv
US prison inmates returning to society: How will they be received? - May 2012
p1 "These days roughly 700,000 ex-cons are hitting US streets each year" p. 2 "From 1973 to 2009, the US prison population grew by more than 700 percent – the result of an uptick in crime, huge numbers of drug arrests, and tough sentencing laws. At the end of that time more than 1.6 million people sat behind bars in federal and state penitentiaries, the largest inmate population in the world. Yet in 2010, for the first time in 38 years, the US prison population declined." p. 4 "A recent study by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) found that about two-thirds of former inmates return to prison within three years. This doesn't mean they all commit serious crimes. The biggest group of them – 45 percent – return because of simple parole violations."
prison  US  CSMonitor  justice 
may 2012 by pierredv
Policing drug sales: Cleaning up the ’hood | The Economist March 2012
story on drug-market intervention (DMI) - trying to stop markets for drugs in neighborhoods rather than dealers Quote: "Third, prison as a deterrent does not work. If it did, America would be the safest country on earth."
drugs  usa  prison  economist  quotations 
march 2012 by pierredv
Harsh laws: Another one in the net | The Economist Jan 2012
another example of crazy US justice system; as in earlier pieces on prison, quote Harvey Silverglate, author of “Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent”. He reckons two causes: "First, federal statutes are often so poorly written and so vague that they are in effect incomprehensible. This gives excessive discretion to bureaucrats and prosecutors, with their own career ambitions, who apply them haphazardly. Second, federal law has been moving away from mens rea (“guilty mind”), a common-law tradition that suggests that a person who had no idea he was breaking a law should not be accused of doing so."
justice  criminal-justice  crime  USA  prison  TheEconomist 
january 2012 by pierredv
Meditating behind bars: How yoga in prisons could cut overcrowding - 13 Dec 2011
"Yoga can teach prisoners the self-control and self-discipline that they never learned as youths" "Overcrowding is a perennial issue in US prisons in no small part because the recidivism rate is remarkably high. In 1994 the largest study of prisoner recidivism ever done in the United States showed that, of nearly 300,000 adult prisoners who were released in 15 different states, 67.5 percent were re-arrested within three years. "
prison  yoga  meditation  treatment  CSMonitor  recidivism 
december 2011 by pierredv
Prisoners' Rights - Recent Court Cases, Issues and Articles | American Civil Liberties Union
The ACLU National Prison Project is dedicated to ensuring that our nation’s prisons, jails, and other places of detention comply with the Constitution, domestic law, and international human rights principles, and to ending the policies that have given the United States the highest incarceration rate in the world. We promote a fair and effective criminal justice system in which incarceration is used only as a last resort, and its purpose is to prepare prisoners for release and a productive, law-abiding life at the earliest possible time.
USA  prison  advocacy  charities  ACLU 
october 2011 by pierredv
America’s prisons: A catching sickness | The Economist
review of A Plague of Prisons: The Epidemiology of Mass Incarceration in America. By Ernest Drucker.
TheEconomist  books  prison 
october 2011 by pierredv
Prison Phone Justice Campaign - Campaign - Thousand Kites: Narrative Campaigns for Justice
A national campaign challenging prison phone kickbacks and the U.S. Prison Telephone Industry.
telephony  prison 
october 2011 by pierredv
Report: Private Prisons Love Mass Incarceration, And Want Politicians To Love It Too | TPMMuckraker
"Private prison companies have helped fuel government policies which lead to an increase in prison population and boost their profits, according to a recent report."
prison  commerce  x:talkingpointsmemo  via:frankpascuale 
june 2011 by pierredv
Conservatives and criminal justice: Right and proper | The Economist May 2011
"With a record of being tough on crime, the political right can afford to start being clever about it " Story on the swelling ranks of Republicans that have taken up the cause of sentencing and prison reform
prison  justice  TheEconomist 
june 2011 by pierredv
In Brazil, get out of jail sooner by hitting the books - Jun 2011
"Brazilian legislators have passed an innovative law to deal with overcrowding and high recidivism in Brazil’s prisons: one day less in prison for every 12 hours spent in the classroom"
prison  recidivism  Brazil  overcrowding 
june 2011 by pierredv
America's jobless men: Decline of the working man | The Economist Apr 28, 2011
"Why ever fewer low-skilled American men have jobs" UShas the lowest share of “prime age” (25-54) males in work: just over 80%. Decline most marked among the less educated and blacks. "If you adjust ... around 35% of 25- to 54-year-old men with no high-school diploma have no job... Among blacks, more than 30% overall and almost 70% of high-school dropouts have no job. " Men have been hit harder than women because: more likely to work in manufacturing, women sectors education, health care less hard hit, women have better education. Two groups (Holzer): "older dislocateds" and "younger never-fully-connecteds" Among Olders, big issue is going on disability, for Youngers it EITC and child support
TheEconomist  unemployment  race  prison  gender  factoids 
may 2011 by pierredv
State of Recidivism: The Revolving Door of America's Prisons - Apr 2011
"More than four in ten offenders nationwide return to state prison within three years of their release despite a massive increase in state spending on prisons"
see also press release:
x:pew  recidivism  prison 
may 2011 by pierredv
Tackling recidivism: They all come home | The Economist Arp 20, 2011
"Effective re-entry programmes can keep ex-prisoners out of jail" Seems to be based on a Pew Report: "More than $60 billion each year is spent on prisons and jails. A year’s stay at a state prison costs about $45,000—Harvard would be cheaper. State correction spending in America has increased over the past 20 years from $10 billion to more than $50 billion. Almost 90% of voters favour reducing prison time and creating a stronger probation and parole system. The Pew report found that if states could reduce their reoffending rates by 10%, more than $635m could be saved in prison costs."
prison  TheEconomist  recidivism  factoids  parole 
may 2011 by pierredv
Supreme Court Rules California Must Cut Prison Population : NPR
"The Supreme Court on Monday endorsed a court order requiring California to cut its prison population by tens of thousands of inmates to improve health care for those who remain behind bars."
prison  supremecourt  California  npr 
may 2011 by pierredv
Private Prisons’ Cost Benefits Debated -
"The conviction that private prisons save money helped drive more than 30 states to turn to them for housing inmates. But Arizona shows that popular wisdom might be wrong: Data there suggest that privately operated prisons can cost more to operate than state-run prisons — even though they often steer clear of the sickest, costliest inmates."
prison  NYTimes 
may 2011 by pierredv
The science of justice: I think it's time we broke for lunch… | The Economist
"Court rulings depend partly on when the judge last had a snack"
analysis of favorable rulings by parole boards
psychology  prison  justice  TheEconomist 
april 2011 by pierredv
Prison Legal News - Legal articles, cases and court decisions
"telephone service providers offer lucrative kickbacks (politely termed “commissions”) to state contracting agencies – amounting on average to 42% of gross revenues from prisoners’ phone calls – in order to obtain exclusive, monopolistic contracts for prison phone services"
prison  telecoms  x:prisonlegalnews 
april 2011 by pierredv
Prison Economics Help Drive Ariz. Immigration Law : NPR
"NPR spent the past several months analyzing hundreds of pages of campaign finance reports, lobbying documents and corporate records. What they show is a quiet, behind-the-scenes effort to help draft and pass Arizona Senate Bill 1070 by an industry that stands to benefit from it: the private prison industry."
immigration  prison  npr 
october 2010 by pierredv
Emptier prisons: Inmate population drops for first time in 40 years -
"After surging for decades, the number of state prisoners in the United States has declined for the first time in nearly 40 years, according to the Pew Center on the States in Washington. As of Jan. 1, state prisons across the country held 1,404,053 people – 4,777 fewer than a year ago." Expect the prison unions and prison industry complex to push back. Factoid: state spends average of $40,000 per inmate per year Reasons given for decline: = money - correction spending ballooned over last two decades = crime and arrest rates declining, reducing pressure on prisons = underlying: shift in attitude and policy, e.g. involvement of faith community, states revising mandatory minimum sentences Groups mentioned: Sentencing Project, Prison Fellowship (Christian)
prison  csmonitor  factoids  us  trends 
july 2010 by pierredv
Sentenced to Serving the Good Life in Norway - TIME
"Norwegians see the island as the embodiment of their country's long-standing penal philosophy: that traditional, repressive prisons do not work, and that treating prisoners humanely boosts their chances of reintegrating into society"
Countries track recidivism rates differently, but even an imperfect comparison suggests that Norway's system produces overwhelmingly positive results. Within two years of their release, 20% of Norway's prisoners end up back in jail. In the U.K. and the U.S., the figure hovers between 50% and 60%. Of course, Norway's low level of criminality gives it a massive advantage. Its prison roll lists a mere 3,300 inmates, a rate of 70 per 100,000 people, compared with 2.3 million in the U.S., or 753 per 100,000 — the highest rate in the world.
prison  norway  via:andrewcurry  factoids 
july 2010 by pierredv
U.S. Likely To Miss Deadline On Prison Rape Rules : NPR
"The Justice Department's own studies suggest that more than 60,000 prisoners report sexual assaults each year. Another study found that 12 percent of juveniles in custody fall victim to rape" Eric HOlder says there isn';t the money
prison  npr 
june 2010 by pierredv
Lexington: Sex and the single black woman | The Economist
"How the mass incarceration of black men hurts black women"
" In 2007 only 11% of US-born black women aged 30-44 without a high school diploma had a working spouse, according to the Pew Research Centre."
economics  prison  race  marriage  us  factoids  TheEconomist 
may 2010 by pierredv
California's overcrowded prisons: Gulags in the sun | The Economist
quote: The consequences of three decades of being “tough on crime” "California spends $49,000 a year on each prisoner, almost twice the national average. But it still has the country’s worst rate of recidivism, with 70% of people who leave prison ending up back in it, compared with 40% in America as a whole."
california  crime  prison  economist 
august 2009 by pierredv
USA: A nation of jailbirds | The Economist - Lexington
Factoid: "America has less than 5% of the world’s people but almost 25% of its prisoners. It imprisons 756 people per 100,000 residents, a rate nearly five times the world average. About one in every 31 adults is either in prison or on parole. Black men have a one-in-three chance of being imprisoned at some point in their lives"
prison  law  politics  us  race  economist 
july 2009 by pierredv
Aid to Children of Imprisoned Mothers
AIM gives hope to children of imprisoned mothers, their families and our communities. We are the only nonprofit in Georgia whose sole mission is to provide programs and services to inspire hope and empower children to become successful adults and reduc
charity  prison 
august 2008 by pierredv
Matthew House: About Us
Matthew House is an organization dedicated to assisting the families of people incarcerated in Washington's prisons
charity  prison 
august 2008 by pierredv
Prison Dharma
Ven. Thubten Chodron's home page - Tibetan tradition
prison  buddhism 
july 2008 by pierredv
Prison Dharma Network - Integral Transformative Justice - Fleet Maull – Buddhist Prison Ministry – Meditation for Prisoners
Prison Dharma Network (PDN) is an international, nonsectarian, contemplative support network for prisoners, prison volunteers, and corrections professionals.
prison  buddhism 
july 2008 by pierredv
Prison Legal News
Prison Legal News is an independent 48-page monthly magazine that provides a cutting edge review and analysis of prisoner rights, court rulings and news about prison issues.
july 2008 by pierredv
About Prison Fellowship
Prison Fellowship partners with local churches across the country to minister to a group that society often scorns and neglects: prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families
prison  giving 
july 2008 by pierredv
Leaving Hard Time Behind -
survey of foundation giving to juvenile justice initiatives
via Steven Miller
prison  giving 
july 2008 by pierredv
Inmate Count in U.S. Dwarfs Other Nations’ - New York Times
"The U.S. has less than 5 percent of the world’s population but almost a quarter of its prisoners"
US  prison  NYTimes  factoids 
april 2008 by pierredv
San Quentin's self-rehab: healing on the inside |
"Verduin remembers a class of men serving life terms. Between the 18 of them they'd served 403 years. Then they added up the lengths of their moments of imminent danger. "Forty-three minutes," he says. Helping cope with the conseqs of unguarded moments
prison  crime  meditation  CSMonitor 
march 2008 by pierredv

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