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Maori reactivate claim to New Zealand spectrum — PolicyTracker: Aug 2013
"Three Maori groups have claimed New Zealand's government has no right to sell spectrum." "The case, known as Wai 2224, was dropped in 2009 but has now been re-opened. The claimants say that the government's 'kawanatanga' (rights to govern) do not stretch as far as converting radio spectrum frequencies into private property rights. They argue that radio spectrum is a natural resource and therefore covered by the Maori's 'rangatiratanga' (sovereignty)." "Piripi Walker, spokesman for the Wellington Maori Language Board, said that “Maori seek to secure a fair share of the resource, including management rights to spectrum, in order that our people, language and culture will survive in the new technological age and beyond”. New Zealand's telecoms minister Amy Adams did not accept the Maoris' arguments. "We have never accepted that spectrum is a taonga, but that the language is. We don't therefore accept that there's an automatic claim to spectrum," she told local media."
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