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Senator Franken targets indoor-positioning firm Euclid's privacy practices - FierceBroadbandWireless
"Indoor-positioning technologies that can be used by retail establishments and other businesses to track and market to consumers are attracting growing scrutiny, as evidenced by a letter sent from Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) to Euclid, which markets Wi-Fi-generated shopper analytics. According to Euclid, its sensors collect information from nearby phones emitting Wi-Fi signals. That data includes each phone's "unique MAC address, manufacturer code (Apple, Samsung, etc.), signal strength, and, if the device is currently connected to a specific Wi-Fi network, the name of that Wi-Fi network." Euclid anonymizes the data and analyzes it, providing its clients and technology trial partners--including retail giant Nordstrom--with analytics reports they can use to improve their operations. While the stripping out of identifiable information might be comforting to some, one sticking point with Euclid's approach is that it requires smartphone users to opt out of its service, which they may n..."
Euclid  wireless  opt-out  location  surveillance  privacy  retail  FierceWireless 
may 2013 by pierredv
Why Tech Bows to Best Buy - BusinessWeek
Evidence of modularization flowing from power of a player in the value chain, not from some technology:
"The retailer is pushing suppliers to use standardized software and digital services so consumers can listen to music or watch movies on any device"
modules  x:businessweek  bestbuy  retail 
december 2009 by pierredv
Business & Technology | Getting a lesson in retail inside world's busiest Costco | Seattle Times Newspaper
"Costco's approach to retail is deceptively simple and it goes far toward explaining why shoppers here (and around the world) leave its warehouses with appreciably lighter wallets.

For an annual fee, members buy the right to purchase items in bulk at s
commerce  retail 
july 2007 by pierredv

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