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The Gulf Information War| Car Decals, Civic Rituals, and Changing Conceptions of Nationalism | Mitchell | International Journal of Communication

With the onset of the Gulf diplomatic crisis in June 2017, citizens and expatriate residents in Qatar affixed patriotic decals to their cars in a show of support. Using visual evidence and ethnographic interviews gathered between August 2017 and September 2018, we analyze Qatari and expatriate participation in this shared ritual of nationalism, and what each group’s participation meant to the other. Our conclusions highlight the growth of civic nationalism narratives in Qatar as a response to the diplomatic crisis, and a corresponding reduction in regional ethnic narratives of communal belonging
ritual  IJOC 
may 2019 by pierredv
Media Events Are Still Alive: The Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics as a Media Ritual | Cui | International Journal of Communication

This article is situated in the scholarly debate over the relevance of the notion of media events in the contemporary social and media environment. In closely reading China Central Television’s (CCTV) presentations of the Beijing Olympic Games’ opening ceremony to the Chinese audience, the author argues that this mediated ceremony not only has important ritual features that qualify it as a media event, but also is intended to construct a national image rich in cultural meanings in order to consolidate the contemporary Chinese society. In addition, the author shows that the media event’s ritual function is also actualized through artistically produced spectacles charged with symbolism operating alongside the documentary live broadcast. This article aims to contribute to the literature on contemporary media rituals through a renewed understanding of media events in a different social and technological context.
IJOC  ritual 
may 2019 by pierredv
"Mom’s Voice" and Other Voices:Civil-Military Relations as a Media Ritual | Meyers | International Journal of Communication

This article looks at how sonic media rituals are created, performed, and negotiated to understand the ways in which citizens are persuaded to risk their lives in the name of the imagined national community. It does so through an analysis of the representation of civil–military relations on the veteran Israeli radio program Kola Shel Ima (“Mom’s Voice”). As shown, the performance of the Kola Shel Ima ritual is enabled because of off-air preparations, on-air conversations, and common values shared by ritual participants. Yet, at times various components of the ritual are challenged on-air. On a larger scale, the debate over Kola Shel Ima positions it as a ritual of flashing out or, conversely, a ritual of covering up.
IJOC  ritual  audio 
may 2019 by pierredv
How Meditation, Placebos And Virtual Reality Help Power 'Mind Over Body' : Shots - Health News : NPR
Jo Marchant, about her book "Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body"

"The researchers explained it as our brains only have a certain capacity for attention," Marchant says. "If you've got something that's really commanding your attention, there's less attention left over for experiencing the pain."
"... if you calm the breathing down, you're kind of forcing your body into a more relaxed state and you will then experience probably fewer negative thoughts as a result."
NPR  meditation  placebo  pain  books  ritual 
may 2016 by pierredv
Rite reasons: Why your brain loves pointless rituals - life - 19 January 2015 - Control - New Scientist
- "Rituals provide a very visible means of identifying who is a group member and who isn't" - "What's striking about rituals is not just their power to signal group membership, but also to create the social glue that binds people into groups." - developmental psychologist Cristine Legare from the University of Texas at Austin: "Collective rituals are public signals that you are committed to the group," she says, "which facilitates cooperation with the group and creates a sense of shared purpose."
NewScientist  ritual  spirituality  psychology 
april 2015 by pierredv
Has Holy Communion got harder to swallow? – Benjamin Dueholm – Aeon
-- Piece about symbolism of Holy Communion, with reflections on ritual -- "As a universally and often fervently practised rite, it acted like a radioactive tracer in the body of Christianity. The marvellous creativity, diversity, poetry and neurosis of its forms and interpretations map out the whole interior of Christian life." -- "A ritual acts on us in a way that is deeper than words, deeper even than conscious thought." -- "Whatever else one wishes to claim for this ritual, it is a communing with the dead. Every religious ritual is. It’s a way of putting on a self we can never be, of identifying with people otherwise lost to us, of inhabiting a past we can probably never understand. That might be the last radical lunge of this shrunken supper in a life that is starved for, if not love, then at least for connection."
religion  catholicism  Benjamin-Dueholm  AeonMagazine  christianity  ritual 
march 2015 by pierredv
Religious studies: The good god guide | The Economist
Tag: "Tentatively, scientists are asking: exactly what is religion, and what is it for?" Nicholas Baumard's work on "just deserts" Also frequency vs. unpleasantness of religious rituals (chart)
religion  research  TheEconomist  ritual 
may 2011 by pierredv

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