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Science in hand: how art and craft can boost reproducibility - Nature News, Dec 2018
“We — a surgeon, a research nurse and a synthetic chemist — looked beyond science to discover how people steeped in artistic skills might help to close this ‘haptic gap’, the deficit in skills of touch and object manipulation. We have found that craftspeople and performers can work fruitfully alongside scientists to address some of the challenges. We have also discovered striking similarities between the observational skills of an entomologist and an analytical chemist; the dexterity of a jeweller and a microsurgeon; the bodily awareness of a dancer and a space scientist; and the creative skills of a scientific glassblower, a reconstructive surgeon, a potter and a chef.”
NatureJournal  art  science  surgery  performance  skill  training 
december 2018 by pierredv
Playing Video Games May Contribute To Keyhole Surgery Skills
A small US study suggests that surgeons who played video games have better keyhole surgery skills than those that did not.
healthcare  skill  medicine  games 
may 2010 by pierredv

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