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Airbus A350 software bug forces airlines to turn planes off and on every 149 hours • The Register
"Some models of Airbus A350 airliners still need to be hard rebooted after exactly 149 hours, despite warnings from the EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) first issued two years ago."

"Airbus' rival Boeing very publicly suffered from a similar time-related problem with its 787 Dreamliner: back in 2015 a memory overflow bug was discovered that caused the 787's generators to shut themselves down after 248 days of continual power-on operation. A software counter in the generators' firmware, it was found, would overflow after that precise length of time"
TheRegister  aviation  programming  Airbus  Boeing  software 
8 weeks ago by pierredv
How to Use Green Screen with a Webcam, SparkoCam
In SparkoCam software, the green screen option allows you to replace the background of your webcam video with any picture or even movie
Skype  SparkoCam  webcam  software  howto 
january 2019 by pierredv
About | Code Ocean
"Code Ocean is a cloud-based computational reproducibility platform that provides researchers and developers an easy way to share, discover and run code published in academic journals and conferences."

"The platform provides open access to the published software code and data to view and download for everyone for free. But the real treat is that users can execute all published code without installing anything on their personal computer. Everything runs in the cloud on CPUs or GPUs according to the user needs. We make it easy to change parameters, modify the code, upload data, run it again, and see how the results change."
open-access  reproducibility  open-source  research  software  development-sw 
august 2018 by pierredv
What is NVivo? | NVivo
See the big picture fast with NVivo 12 – the most powerful software for gaining richer insights from qualitative and mixed-methods data.
software  analysis  tools 
may 2018 by pierredv
S.1503 : Functional description to be used in developing software tools for determining conformity of non-geostationary-satellite orbit fixed-satellite service systems or networks with limits contained in Article 22 of the Radio Regulations
S.1503 : Functional description to be used in developing software tools for determining conformity of non-geostationary-satellite orbit fixed-satellite service systems or networks with limits contained in Article 22 of the Radio Regulations
ITU-R  NGSO  software  FSS 
april 2018 by pierredv
Equivalent power-flux density limits validation in accordance with Resolution 85 (WRC-03)
Resolution 85 (WRC-03) requires the Bureau to verify compliance of frequency assignments of non-geostationary fixed satellite service  systems with the single-entry equivalent-power flux density (EPFD) limits in Tables 22-1A, 22-1B, 22-1C, 22-1D, 22-1E, 22 2 and 22-3 of Article 22 of the Radio Regulations and to determine the coordination requirements under Nos. 9.7A and 9.7B.

In order to perform this regulatory examination, the Bureau in collaboration with two software companies developed a validation software package to calculate EPFD levels produced by non-GSO satellite systems.
epfd  calculation  software  satellite  interference  NGSO 
april 2018 by pierredv
Computer Programming for Lawyers - Georgetown
Since 2016, the Georgetown University Law Center has offered a three-credit course in "Computer Programming for Lawyers" to train lawyers-to-be how to become computer programmers and to explore how practicing lawyers can write computer programs to become better, more efficient practitioners.
This blog will introduce both Georgetown insiders and outsiders to this course. It will also contain the occasional musings about the intersection of computer programming and the law of Professor Paul Ohm and invited guests.
programming  Paul-Ohm  software 
february 2018 by pierredv
Computers that Code Themselves Using AI - Nanalyze
"Before we delve into this notion of computers that can code themselves, we need to consider that traditional coding is becoming less and less useful. Take as an example the latest flavor of Google’s AlphaGo algorithm. It was told what the rules of a game of Go looked like, and then it was told not to lose. The algorithm then created its own method of playing Go as opposed to being “trained” by watching other people play"

"The way that your brain works isn’t something that you could create using today’s best coding languages, and neither will AI. With that said, there are some startups out there that are developing technology that can write and rewrite itself. "

"Founded in 2013, Massachusetts startup Gamalon has taken in around $12 million in funding to develop a system that learns “orders of magnitude faster” and with “orders of magnitude less training data” compared to the more traditional machine learning algorithms of today."

"The fact that the computer does something so exponentially well that it renders a team of coders useless is the same net effect as a computer that can code itself. The end result is that we don’t need so many coders."
nanalyze  automation  software  AI  development-sw  employment 
november 2017 by pierredv
All systems stop | The Economist
"Such accidents can happen, even to a company such as Delta whose systems were thought by aviation analysts to be better than those of its rivals."

"What is more surprising is that it took Delta so long to get its computers running again. It has lately spent hundreds of millions of dollars on IT upgrades. But airlines’ systems are hugely complex beasts. If data is not properly backed up, for instance, it can take days to reload and make sure hundreds of connected subsystems work."

"One reason for the complexity is that airlines were early adopters of computerised systems. . . . But as airlines merged and more new functions were added—from crew scheduling to passenger check-in and bag tracing—they have come to resemble technological hairballs in which one small problem quickly spirals into bigger ones that even experts struggle to disentangle."

"Yet bosses in both [the airline and banking] industries say they are reluctant to replace their systems. . . . With the average tenure of airline CEOs so short, the risks of such a project going wrong outweigh the benefits. It is hard for any firm to entirely eliminate IT glitches; for many it simply isn’t worth it"
Economist  airlines  Delta  incentives  software  risk-management 
august 2016 by pierredv
At Federal Circuit, Death of Software Patents Exaggerated |
Via Louis Carbonneau
"A three-judge panel on Monday found that a Texas federal judge jumped the gun when she ruled that software designed to filter internet content was ineligible for patent protection under the Supreme Court’s Alice decision."
"Last month, Judge Todd Hughes declared for a unanimous panel in Enfish v. Microsoft that the Supreme Court could not have intended to invalidate all software patents. Narrowly drawn claims that improve the functioning of computers or other technological fields are not abstract, he wrote."
patents  IPR  software 
july 2016 by pierredv
Can software suffer? Death and pain in digital brains - New Scientist 12 Sep 2015
"One day we will create virtual minds. Could they feel pain, asks Anders Sandberg of the Future of Humanity Institute"
NewScientist  consciousness  ethics  emulation  software 
january 2016 by pierredv
Open Source Firmware and the Future of Router Modification - Last Week in Tech Law and Policy, Vol. 22 | Samuelson-Glushko Technology Law & Policy Clinic (TLPC)
"Last Friday, the Federal Communications Commission closed the comment period for ET Docket No. 15-170, a controversial proceeding that may limit Wi-Fi users’ ability to install open source firmware on wireless routers. The FCC has remained adamant that their goal in this process is not to restrict users from modifying their routers, but rather to ensure that routers do not operate outside certain regulatory parameters. However, Wi-Fi users fear that the new rules may actually incentivize manufacturers to block all open source firmware from being installed on their devices rather than just limiting signal boosting capabilities or operating outside of the correct channels."
law  jamming  interference  software  Wi-Fi 
october 2015 by pierredv
Why the Great Glitch of July 8th Should Scare You — The Message — Medium
" The big problem we face isn’t coordinated cyber-terrorism, it’s that software sucks."
softwaredevelopment  software  softwareengineering  hardintangibles 
july 2015 by pierredv
HTTrack Website Copier - Free Software Offline Browser (GNU GPL)
"HTTrack is a free (GPL, libre/free software) and easy-to-use offline browser utility. It allows you to download a World Wide Web site from the Internet to a local directory, building recursively all directories, getting HTML, images, and other files from the server to your computer. HTTrack arranges the original site's relative link-structure. Simply open a page of the "mirrored" website in your browser, and you can browse the site from link to link, as if you were viewing it online. HTTrack can also update an existing mirrored site, and resume interrupted downloads. HTTrack is fully configurable, and has an integrated help system"
software  tools  download  web  websitecopier 
october 2014 by pierredv
JIRA Jr. | Atlassian
April 1st 2013 spoof - project management for kids
software  spoof  parody  project-management 
april 2013 by pierredv
Microsoft’s Downfall: Inside the Executive E-mails and Cannibalistic Culture That Felled a Tech Giant | Blogs | Vanity Fair
"Analyzing one of American corporate history’s greatest mysteries—the lost decade of Microsoft—two-time George Polk Award winner (and V.F.’s newest contributing editor) Kurt Eichenwald traces the “astonishingly foolish management decisions” at the company that “could serve as a business-school case study on the pitfalls of success.”"
culture  business  software  management  microsoft 
july 2012 by pierredv
Open Source: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly = Point Law Group
good survey of pros, cons and pitfalls by Louis Carbonneau
oss  software  law  commerce 
june 2010 by pierredv
Academic reference management software for researchers | Mendeley
"Like iTunes™ for research papers. Mendeley is a free research
management tool for desktop & web"
research  software  tools  collaboration 
may 2010 by pierredv
Banks and information technology: Silo but deadly | The Economist
Subtitle: Messy IT systems are a neglected aspect of the financial crisis Role of IT in financial crisis - generally agreed that it's exacerbated it. Quote: “Banks had lots of tools to create leverage, but not many to manage risk,” says Roger Portnoy of Daylight Venture Partners, a venture-capital firm that invests in risk-management start-ups. Further: "Because things are so interconnected, largely thanks to technology, a problem in one part of the system can quickly lead to problems elsewhere. The global financial markets have evolved over the years into an inherently unstable network, says Till Guldimann, a strategist at SunGard, a software and IT services firm. The rapid unwinding of positions by ultra-fast quantitative-trading programs at the start of the credit crunch in August 2007 is one example of this cascading effect."
finance  software  complexity  risk  economist  quotations 
january 2010 by pierredv
Microsoft OneApp Unlocks the Potential of Feature Mobile Phones in Emerging Markets: New mobile application premiering in South Africa enables people to do more with their phone.
"Microsoft OneApp, a new software application that enables feature phones — commonly found in emerging markets — to access mobile apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger, and other popular apps and games"
microsoft  phone  software 
august 2009 by pierredv
Video analysis: Machines that can see | The Economist Tech Quarterly, March 7th 2009
"Advances in computer-vision software are begetting a host of new ways for machines to view the world"
computing  vision  software  economist 
july 2009 by pierredv
Typewriter: Minimal Text Editor [Freeware] — You 2.0
"ypewriter allows you to type, save to a text file, and print the document. There is no backspace function, no spell check, and no cut or paste functionality. If you want to force yourself to really focus and make every word count, Typewriter is an unyielding tool for forcing your thoughts to take shape before you commit them to the page"
writing  software  via:lifehacker  via:gmsv 
may 2009 by pierredv
reCaptcha: How to turn blather into books |
"Ten seconds of work has digitized libraries, whether the amateur translators know it or not." Turning captchas into transcription: human checkers present to captchas, one to test, and the other to transcribe. Also info on CMUs Luis von Ahn
books  software  csmonitor 
february 2009 by pierredv
Excellent review of Building Information Management - a tech that seems obvious, but that has just suddenly taken off in design-build-construction
"becoming the tool of choice [] of managing and streamlining [] design/construction [but also maintenance]"
***  software  trends  engineering 
june 2008 by pierredv
Cores of the problem |
In March Microsoft and Intel teamed up to give $10m each to [UC] Berkeley and the University of Illinois to finance work on parallel programming. . .
Intel, Sun Microsystems, NVIDIA, AMD, HP and IBM are paying for a similar effort at Stanford.
software  programming  microsoft  via:economist 
may 2008 by pierredv
Live Mesh: Windows Becomes the Web = Microsoft Watch - Web Services & Browser
"The Web won't be the hub. Live Mesh and the broader, supporting services platform is the hub Microsoft really envisions. It's a bold strategy that pits Microsoft against the broader Web 2.0 platform."
microsoft  software  via:eweek 
april 2008 by pierredv
Computer security | Pain in the aaS |
Crime as a service: CaaS. Comments on limitations. Also passing reference tha there are now at least a dozen kinds of “aaS”, including data mining (DMaaS), virtualisation (VaaS) and even hardware (HaaS)
security  software  computing  via:economist 
april 2008 by pierredv
Your call is important to us |
"Software: Making call centres run smoothly involves an ever-greater dependency on technological trickery behind the scenes"
Human operators being coached by software to do psychologically appropriate actions
Note also extensive reference to word-spotting
psychology  software  commerce  via:economist 
april 2008 by pierredv
Software bugtraps | Software that makes software better |
various tools described, incl. reference to Jon Pincus, Standish Group,
app/y a $1 bug on the desktop costs $100 to fix in a build
app/y programmers are paid half a trillion dollars a year
development-software  software  via:economist  factoids 
april 2008 by pierredv
Forestry | Protected by bars |
computerised forest-protection system in Liberia - tries to minimize corruption possibilities by limiting information humans have to deal with - inspectors just scan barcode, data is separately compared to d/b (now corruption will be of d/b admins)
ecology  software  corruption  via:economist 
march 2008 by pierredv
IDABC - The 'European Interoperability Framework for pan-European eGovernment services
"The EIF is the reference document on interoperability for the IDABC programme. It is the result of an extensive consultation process with the Member States and thus represents the highest ranking module for the implementation of European eGovernment serv
EU  policy  technology  software  standards 
december 2007 by pierredv
The Law of Leaky Abstractions - Joel on Software
“All non-trivial abstractions, to some degree, are leaky. Abstractions fail. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. There's leakage. Things go wrong. It happens all over the place when you have abstractions. . . . One reason the law of leaky abstractions
programming  software  hardproblems  development-sw 
august 2007 by pierredv
Technology Review: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Meta
The Law of Leaky Abstractions
Excerpted from Dreaming in Code: Two Dozen Programmers, Three Years, 4,732 Bugs, and One Quest for Transcendent Software , by Scott Rosenberg
programming  software 
august 2007 by pierredv
The software awards scam « Successful Software
shareware sites give everyone a 5 star award, even software that doesn't run
commerce  software  scams 
august 2007 by pierredv
Evolutionary algorithms now surpass human designers - tech - 28 July 2007 - New Scientist Tech
review of GAs, now apparently called EAs, includes comments by John Koza, some critiques. It's going mainstream because computing power is now cheaper
science  NewScientist  computing  software 
august 2007 by pierredv
Jaron Lanier - MetroActive CyberScape |
profile, focusin on his Edge article on brittleness
programming  software 
july 2007 by pierredv
Technology Review: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Meta
Charles Simonyi
"Why is it so hard to create good software?"
programming  software 
march 2007 by pierredv
"The leaders of the first generation were influenced by the metaphor of the electrical communications devices that where in use in their lifetimes, all of which centered on the sending of signals down wires. This started, oddly enough, with predecessors o
metaphor  software  programming 
february 2007 by pierredv
CDT Testimony & Speeches
source of list of hearings which may contain testimony with software metaphors
policy  software  metaphor 
january 2007 by pierredv
The Shlemiel way of software - Salon
"Author Joel Spolsky talks about what Microsoft has in common with his grandparents and what Isaac Bashevis Singer has to do with code-generating schemes.
By Scott Rosenberg"
programming  software 
january 2007 by pierredv
Software Aesthetics
"meditations on software as art"
software  art 
december 2006 by pierredv
Beware mid-priced software -- Michael Covington's Daily Notebook
"the price-to-quality function is U-shaped.

I think I know why. First, software is all design, not manufacturing. Once you've made one copy, almost no labor is needed to make a million just like it. So everything depends on the work done by one person
software  development  commerce 
december 2006 by pierredv
Wicked Problems, May 2002
Poppendieck on wicked problems and software development. Good outline of issues, with example application
hardproblems  computing  software 
december 2006 by pierredv
Computational complexity theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
best review of P, NP, NP-hard, NP-complete on wikipedia that I've found so far
complexity  software  hardproblems 
november 2006 by pierredv
Microsoft 'hypervisor' plan takes shape - CNET
"Hypervisor software is all the rage, and Microsoft plans to enter the market with its own product in 2007." -- implication for OS design
Microsoft  software 
october 2006 by pierredv
The Emperor Has No Close - Windows Mobile Team Blog :
Story of why Windows Mobile 'X' box doesn't close an app - a story of different mental models of what an app does, what users expect, etc.
Microsoft  metaphor  design  software  UI 
october 2006 by pierredv
They Write the Right Stuff
outstanding article on the team that writes software for the space shuttle
software  engineering  computing 
october 2006 by pierredv
Stevey's Blog Rants: Good Agile, Bad Agile
funny, but loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong - rant about good agile, bad agile, and how amazing it is to work at google
programming  humor  development-sw  engineering  software 
september 2006 by pierredv
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