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Ofcom sets 900 and 1800 MHz licence fees and consults on 3.4 and 3.6 GHz fees | PolicyTracker: Jan 2019
"UK mobile network operators (MNOs) will pay £1.09 million ($1.4 million) per MHz per year for 900 MHz spectrum, and £0.805 million ($1.02 million) per MHz annually for 1800 MHz spectrum beginning 31 January 2019, Ofcom said.

The levels reflect the full market value of the frequencies and take into account input from Vodafone, Telefónica (O2), EE and H3G (Three), as well as evidence from previous UK spectrum auctions and international benchmarks, the regulator added. The lump-sum values were converted into equivalent annual payments using an annualisation rate derived from a post-tax discount rate and a tax adjustment factor."
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january 2019 by pierredv
Mexico seeks to define spectrum efficiency metrics | PolicyTracker, Jan 2019
The IFT report includes this draft definition for spectrum efficiency: “the capacity of telecommunications or broadcasting systems to convey the greatest amount of information using a quantity of determined radio spectrum, maintaining the quality of communications to at least a certain minimum level.”

"One draft concern of the metrics is the “social factor”. For example, the Mexican constitution protects plurality, so spectrum efficiency metrics should take this into account. "

"Martinez hopes the IFT’s work could be included in an amended version of ITU-R Recommendation SM.1046, which concerns spectrum use and efficiency. That report, says Martinez, erroneously conflates the effective use of spectrum and its efficient use."

"The 2013 reform also gave the IFT the power to fine companies between 2.01 and six per cent of their turnover for using spectrum inefficiently. Being able to define spectrum efficiency metrics would, therefore, create another tool for the already powerful IFT."

"Spectrum fees are also on the agency’s agenda. IFT commissioner Mario Fromow told the Latin America Spectrum Management conference in September that mobile industry association the GSMA had argued that spectrum fees in Mexico are too high. The IFT wanted its own data on this so has hired a consultant to analyse the value of assigned mobile spectrum in Mexico. This may inform a future review of spectrum fees – if needed – in cooperation with the country’s internal revenue agency."
PolicyTracker  spectrum-efficiency  Mexico  IFT  spectrum-fees 
january 2019 by pierredv

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