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The rise of 'pseudo-AI': how tech firms quietly use humans to do bots' work | Technology | The Guardian
"It’s hard to build a service powered by artificial intelligence. So hard, in fact, that some startups have worked out it’s cheaper and easier to get humans to behave like robots than it is to get machines to behave like humans.""In 2016, Bloomberg highlighted the plight of the humans spending 12 hours a day pretending to be chatbots for calendar scheduling services such as and Clara. The job was so mind-numbing that human employees said they were looking forward to being replaced by bots. "
TheGuardian  AI  employment  start-ups  technology  business 
july 2018 by pierredv
Astranis Targets Cellular Backhaul with GEO Smallsats - Via Satellite - Mar 2018
"NewSpace startup Astranis is sending its smallsats all the way out to Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) to deliver broadband internet. From there, the company intends to work alongside other satellite operators and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to meet demand for cellular backhaul."

"Each smallsat will clock in at around 300 kg, and will carry four to six Ka-band spot beams and broader Ku-band beams."

"Astranis’ primary business case rests on using its satellite bandwidth for cellular backhaul. Gedmark believes it comes down to a matter of cost: the reason MNOs are lacking coverage in many regions is because it’s economically unfeasible to build fiber out to far-flung cell towers."
space  start-ups  GEO  GSO  cellular  smallsats 
march 2018 by pierredv
10 AI Startups Coming for White-Collar Jobs - Nanalyze
"CB Insights recently put together a list of categories where AI is coming after white-collar jobs"

"Founded in 2014, Israel-based LawGeex uses artificial intelligence to review contracts."
Nanalyze  start-ups  VC  investing  employment  automation  law 
january 2018 by pierredv

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