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Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan 26 Form - YouTube
Form created by GM Yang Jun and performed by Master Fang Hong.
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22 days ago by pierredv
The Five Phases Theory of Tai Chi - The Five Phases of Tai Chi | HowStuffWorks
"In tai chi chuan, the five elements are used to describe five special movements, five different weapons, and five different energies. They are also a tool for tactical planning."

five elements in pentagon
= outside circle, one supports/constructs next -> defense
= inside pentagram, one subdues next -> offense
= rearrange as square around center point ~ 5 movements

"Not all tai chi masters, though, agree about which of the five elements are related to which movements. One very common set of correspondences has fire relating to advance, water to retreat, metal to step and look left, wood to step and look right, and earth to central balance."
4 weeks ago by pierredv
Yang Family Tai Chi - Master Yang Jun and Jason Yang | Facebook
August 1, 2018 ·

Master Yang Jun and his son Jason Yang demonstrating Push Hands during Master Yang Zhenduo birthday celebration in Tayuan, Shanxi, China.
MasterYangJun  tai-chi  push-hands  demo 
december 2019 by pierredv
The 10 essential Yang style Tai Chi principles in Chinese & translated
Via Nancy Lucero, Oct 2019

"I put together the Yang Chengfu Tai Chi principles in Chinese and I added various translations. Because even though the principles are really simple, the translations vary slightly. And I think that is interesting, to see the different angles and emphasizes."
december 2019 by pierredv
Reference | Eric Madsen
Links to articles and YouTube demos and warm-ups
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october 2019 by pierredv
movie clip of a Tai Chi Push Hands competition from a movie from China called "Pushing Hands" - Facebook
Here is a movie clip of a Tai Chi Push Hands competition from a movie from China called "Pushing Hands"
tai-chi  Facebook  video  push-hands 
september 2019 by pierredv
Tai Chi Hip Rotation Exercises, Sifu Malcolm MacQuarrie - 2017 - YouTube
"Two exercises to help Tai Chi students get a better understanding of proper use of the hip when performing Tai Chi Chuan."
tai-chi  exercises  video  YouTube 
august 2019 by pierredv
Turn in the Kua - Protect Your Knees -, Learn Tai Chi Online
"Turning in the kua is important for all neijia - especially tai chi. It heals/protects the knees and strengthens your stances and applications. Learn tai chi properly, and the more you do it, the more you rejuvenate! Here, Shifu Loretta Wollering - owner of Internal Gardens (tai chi NJ school), and content editor of the last edition of Master Jou's bestselling tai chi book - introduces the basic concept."
tai-chi  kua  exercises 
july 2019 by pierredv
Function of the Kua - interview with Chen Zhonghua
This interview we conducted with Chen Zhonghua, is the prepublication version of an article which appeared in the Fall of 2005 issue of TaiChi Magazine. It is offered here as a source for future discussion and feedback, for interests of the readers.
TaiChiMagazine  tai-chi 
july 2019 by pierredv
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april 2019 by pierredv
Yang Family Tai Chi Essential Form Performed by Master Yang Jun - YouTube
&t=0m28s (1) Opening
&t=0m39s (2) Grasp Bird's Tail
&t=1m19s (3) Parting Horse's Mane
&t=1m34s (4) Fair Lady Works with Shuttle
&t=1m55s (5) Brush knee and push
&t=2m04s (6) Golden rooster, left & right
&t=2m16s (7) Repulse monkey, left & right
&t=2m30s (8) High pat on horse, thrust palm
&t=2m38s (9) Right separation kick
&t=2m49s (10) Left heel kick
&t=2m59s (11) Twin fists box ears
&t=3m10s (12) Step back needle at sea bottom
&t=3m17s (13) Cloud hands
&t=3m40s (14) Single whip/low form
&t=3m47s (15) step forward seven stars
&t=3m59s (16) Step back and ride the tiger
&t=4m05s (17) Turn body and swing over lotus
&t=4m18s (18) Bend bow shoot tiger
&t=4m25s (19) Parry block and punch
&t=4m38s (20) Apparent close-up
&t=4m47s (21) Cross hands
&t=5m00s (22) Closing form
tai-chi  MasterYangJun  YangFamilyTaiChi  demos 
march 2019 by pierredv
Yang Family tai chi - Long form third section - YouTube - Nancy Lucero
&t=2m21s Fair Lady Works Shuttle #1
&t=2m37s Fair Lady #2
&t=2m51s Fair Lady #3
&t=3m2s Fair Lady #3
tai-chi  video  YouTube  YangFamilyTaiChi  NancyLucero 
march 2019 by pierredv
What Does “Tai Chi Chuan” Mean, and Why is It Also Spelled as “Taijiquan?” | Internal Gardens
"The Taoists explained that before the universe came into existence, everything (nothing?) was in a state of “wu chi.” ... “Wu chi” 無極 means “no polarity.” ... It’s somewhat the non-existence of nothingness… space… void… When there was a “change” in the state of wu chi, then there was a differentiation – the original wu chi part, and, the changing part. That state of differentiation is a phase called “tai chi.” It literally means “great polarity.” The opposite poles on of this polarity are referred to as yin and yang. Just like plus and minus, each opposite exists because of the existence of the other. The Taoists say that the yin and yang (born from the state of tai chi) give rise to all things and processes in the universe."

"So what does “chuan” mean? It means “fist.” It implies the martial arts practice and discipline of something."
tai-chi  language  words  Chinese  Taorism 
november 2018 by pierredv
Tai Chi Quan Yang Style Traditional 108 form - Master Yang - YouTube
&t=1m10s (4) Single whip
&t=1m36s (TK) White Crane

&t=3m45s (17) Embrace tiger, return to mountain
&t=4m18s (18) Fist under elbow
&t=5m6s (22) Diagonal flying
&t=5m16s (23) Raise hands, step forward
&t=7m32s (32) Cloud hands
&t=8m11s (36) High pat on horse
&t=8m19s (37) Right separation kick
&t=9m01s (39) Turn body and left heel kick
&t=9m13s (40) Left brush knee and push
&t=9m35s (42) Step forward and punch down
&t=9m47s (43) turn body and chop with fist
&t=10m01s (44) Step forward, parry block and punch
&t=10m30s (46) Left strike tiger
&t=10m46s (47) Right strike tiger
&t=11m02s (48) Turn body and right heel kick
&t=11m19s (49) Twin fists strike opponent's ears

&t=13m29s (57) Part Wild Horse's Mane 1
&t=15m07s (62) Fair Lady 1
&t=15m26s Fair Lady 2
&t=15m42s Fair Lady 3
&t=15m55s Fair Lady 4
&t=16m11s (63) Grasp bird's tail
&t=17m55s (70) Left golden rooster
&t=18m07s (71) Left golden rooster
&t=19m38s (81) Turn body and white snake spits out its tongue
&t=21m29s (89) High pat on horse with palm thrust
&t=21m43s (90) Cross kick
&t=21m54s (91) Step forward and punch groin
&t=22m55s Snake creeps down
&t=23m02s Step forward to seven stars
&t=23m12s Step back and ride the tiger
&t=23m21s Turn body and lotus kick
&t=23m39s Bend the bow and shoot the tiger
&t=23m48s Step forward, parry, block and punch
tai-chi  video  YouTube  YangFamilyTaiChi  MasterYangJun  103Form  demos 
november 2018 by pierredv
Yang Taijiquan Style Sword (Jian) Form
Sequence of names, with multiple translations for each (55 steps)
tai-chi  filetype:pdf  media:document 
october 2005 by pierredv

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