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Windows.edb File: What is it and How to Reduce Size? - WindowsFish
Usually, the method that does the trick is rebuilding the index. But there are several other methods as well, and we will be looking into all of them.
Windows  howto  storage  tips 
5 weeks ago by pierredv
How to upgrade your thinking and avoid traps that make you look stupid | New Scientist
" IQ does correlate with many important outcomes in life, including academic success and job performance in many workplaces. But it is less useful at predicting “wise” decision-making and critical thinking, including the capacity to assess risk and uncertainty and weigh up conflicting evidence."


= "framing – our tendency to view certain statistics more favourably depending on the way they are phrased"

= "sunk cost fallacy: the tendency to pour more resources into a failing project to save sacrificing your initial investment, even though it will ultimately cost you a lot more than simply giving up"

= "gambler’s fallacy, the belief that chance events somehow even themselves out"

= Solomon's paradox: "find it easier to reason wisely about other people’s dilemmas than our own"

= "motivated reasoning, which means we apply our intelligence in a one-sided manner, to build arguments that justify and rationalise our own intuitive views and demolish the arguments of others"

= (perceptions of expertise can lead to) "earned dogmatism – the sense that you have earned the right to remain closed-minded about a subject, while rejecting arguments that disagree with those views"

"The Dunning-Kruger effect has now been replicated many times. Those studies have mostly examined basic skills such as numeracy. If you look at people with specialist expertise, however, a very different picture emerges."

Tips from the sidebar "Keeping your thinking on track"
= self-distancing
= consider the opposite of what you had just been thinking
NewScientist  IQ  intelligence  wisdom  fallacies  tips  bias  risk-assessment  cognitive-bias 
6 weeks ago by pierredv
Windows 8 productivity: Who moved my cheese? Oh, there it is. - Scott Hanselman
Win+E - Explorer Win+R - Run Win+Break - System Info Win+D - Desktop (I use this constantly if I get trapped outside the Desktop world) Win+Plus or Win+Minus (no shift) - Magnifier/Zoom In and Out Win+F - Find Files Win+Print Screen – Put a PNG in the Pictures folder Alt-Tab - Switch between Apps Win-Tab - Switch between Full Screen Apps
Windows  8  tips  hotkeys  keyboard  shortcuts 
january 2014 by pierredv
Storytelling 101: Writing Tips for Academics | How to Do Great Research
"Little did I know that a Ph.D. in computer science would teach me more about how to write than any other previous experience I’d had. Indeed, research isn’t only about making new discoveries, but also about expressing those discoveries so that other people can appreciate them and their significance. Below, I’ll present some thoughts on writing that I’ve picked up over the years and continually aim (and encourage students) to put into practice. I’ll focus on story-telling, presentation, and efficiency: how to write your paper so that it clearly, cleanly, and efficiently tells a good story."
stories  via  Martin  Weiss  writing  research  Nick  Feamster  *  howto  tips 
october 2013 by pierredv
Copy your site, more search options, and better announcements for Google Sites = The Google Apps Blog (original posts):
We know that many of you create groups of similar sites. To make this easier, we now allow site owners to copy entire sites (Manage site -> General -> Copy site).
google  googlesites  tips 
may 2011 by pierredv
Excel User Tip: Saving a chart as a GIF file
Nice code fragment Sub SaveChartAsGIF () Fname = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" & ActiveChart.Name & ".gif" ActiveChart.Export FileName:=Fname, FilterName:="GIF" End Sub See also
tutorial  excel  tips 
april 2011 by pierredv
OCR anything with OneNote 2007 and 2010 - How-To Geek
Quality OCR software can often be very expensive, but you may have one already installed on your computer that you didn’t know about.  Here’s how you can use OneNote to OCR anything on your computer.
office  onenote  OCR  tutorial  tips  **  microsoft 
december 2010 by pierredv
Footnote, Endnote, and Bibliography Questions
Trick for getting endnotes to be in column format in IEEE style sheet (more details in link):
"I need to put a bibliography after my endnotes, but Word won’t let me.
// Word interprets “end of document” very strictly.

What you need to do is insert a section break at the end of the document. Change the endnote setting to “end of section” instead of “end of document,” and then suppress the endnotes for all sections except the one you want the notes to follow. Then put your bibliography, or your appendix, or your index, or whatever text is necessary, after that section break."
word  microsoft  tips  ** 
july 2010 by pierredv
Privacy warning in Excel 2007 - The Code Cage Forums
way to remove the Privacy Warning popup, from Dr3Bob:
"You can eliminate the message by going to:
Office Button -> Excel Options -> Trust Center -> Trust Center Settings ->
Document-specific settings and uncheck "Remove personal information ..."
excel  tips 
july 2009 by pierredv
Using the Hell out of your Digital Camera
tips for using cam pics as records of various types
tips  tools  photography  via:gmsv 
november 2008 by pierredv
Cool Google Search Trick Video
using idexof keyword and other tricks
Google  tips  search 
june 2007 by pierredv
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