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Model Universe recreates evolution of the cosmos : Nature News & Comment May 2014
Work by Mark Vogelsberger et al, MIT "Can current theories of cosmology explain how the Universe evolved? One way to find out is to plug everything we think we know about the early Universe and how galaxies form into a supercomputer, and see what comes out. In a simulation presented today in Nature1, researchers did just that — and revealed a cosmos that looks rather like our own. The findings lend weight to the standard model of cosmology, but could also help physicists to probe where our models of galaxy formation fall down."
cosmology  universe  modeling  simulation  mirror-worlds  NatureJournal 
may 2014 by pierredv
One crappy and two good ways to explore the universe = Improbable Research »
"Of the many ways to explore the universe, there are some we can recommend, and one we do not."
visualization  ex  Improbable  Research  astronomy  universe  video 
july 2013 by pierredv

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