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(18) Ven. Ledi Sayadaw - a talk by Patrick Given-Wilson - YouTube
"Ven. Ledi Sayadaw was the first vipassana teacher that we know of in this tradition in modern times with such detail. His great innovation was to start spreading the actual practice widely and to householders."

In this video, Patrick Given-Wilson explores the life of this meditation master and magnificent pariyatti scholar who authored over a hundred expositions on the Dhamma.
lectures  Buddhism  vipassana  video  YouTube 
march 2018 by pierredv
How to Practice Vipassana Insight Meditation - Lion's Roar
Step-by-step instructions on how to do this important practice ­— the foundation of all Buddhist meditations — from the late Vipassana master Sayadaw U Pandita.
vipassana  meditation  mindfulness 
january 2018 by pierredv
The Handkerchief Discourse - Feb 2017
"Following is an extract from a session at a Pali language workshop led by Mr. Satyendranath Tandon in France in 2007. The participants answer his questions and then he tells a story."
vipassana  discourses  meditation 
april 2017 by pierredv
Vipassana Meditation: A Unique Contribution to Mental Health -- by Paul R. Fleischman (PDF)
This article is taken from the book of Dr Fleischman’s collected essays: Karma and Chaos
“The most important difference between Vipassana and psychotherapy is the place that these two activities are intended to occupy within a person’s life. Vipassana and psychotherapy undoubtedly have some overlap in that both are designed to help people live better lives; other than that, they diverge in intention and practice. Psychotherapy is intended as a temporary intervention within the context of a paid, professional relationship, to heal psychological wounds. Vipassana is a free spiritiual transmission, a way of life, and a vector beyond life itself. Thought it may also bring relief to mundane problems, Vipassana is the path to nibbana… Its time-scale is long – “lifetimes,” in the language of the East – and its goals august and embracing. Although our own use of Vipassana in this current lifetime may be much more modest and limited, it still imparts to our lives a momentum beyond our own time and self.”
psychology  psychotherapy  vipassana  Paul-Fleischman 
july 2016 by pierredv
The Insight Revolution - Lion's Roar -Ledi Sayadaw, by Erik Braun
"Determined to save Buddhism in Burma during colonial rule, Ledi Sayadaw popularized the teachings of the Abhidharma and introduced thousands of laypeople to the practice of insight meditation. As Erik Braun tells us, he set in motion a revolution in Buddhist practice still being felt around the globe." - "He believed Abhidhamma learning, in particular, established the proper sensibility and the basic tools for meditation. In his writings, he continually explains that the layperson who studies, even if only at a basic level, prepares herself for insight. He encouraged learning in detail the four elements (dhatus) of earth, wind, fire, and water and believed such concepts were accessible to any educated person. Ledi Sayadaw explained, “If knowledge is ripe, the insight into impermanence may easily be accomplished while listening to a discourse, or while living a householder’s ordinary life.” One could bring the deconstructive approach of Abhidhamma analysis to all experience."
buddhism  LionsRoar  Erik-Braun  Ledi-Sayadaw  vipassana  history  Burma  abhidhamma  quotations 
july 2015 by pierredv
Episode 213 :: Erik Braun :: The Birth of Insight: Meditation, Modern Buddhism, and the Burmese Monk Ledi Sayadaw : Secular Buddhist Association
"Professor Erik Braun joins us to speak about The Birth of Insight: Meditation, Modern Buddhism, and the Burmese Monk Ledi Sayadaw. Insight meditation is arguably one of the most common practices in contemporary Buddhism. But, where did this modern version come from, what are the roots of what we see in the West?"
meditation  vipassana  Burma  Erik-Braun  Ledi-Sayadaw  history  podcasts 
july 2015 by pierredv
Development of Insight: The Insight Knowledges
"We have looked at Satipatthana vipassana in terms of one central principle, three universal characteristics and seven purifications (or seven stages of purification). Now we will subdivide these seven stages of purification into 16 nanas, or (insight) "knowledges". "
insight  meditation  vipassana  nanas  dukkha-nanas 
february 2015 by pierredv
The sweetness of the Dhamma- Vipassana Newsletter
November 30, 2014 Issue: Vol. 41 (2014), No. 2 This article is based on a talk given by Goenkaji to assistant teachers in 1997. It has been condensed and edited for publication.
meditation  vipassana  Goenka  metta  compassion 
january 2015 by pierredv
The Dark Side of Meditation on Vimeo
Neuroscientist Willoughby Britton and Yoga / Buddhist Teacher Michael Stone discuss the dark side of meditation
ex  Vimeo  meditation  via  Maretha  Cronje  vipassana  video  interviews 
july 2013 by pierredv
Back to Jail in Burma -
"Today I go back to Insein Prison, where I was detained in the late 1990s and where throughout the decades of military rule in Myanmar, most political opponents were interrogated, tried and held. I was taken there directly from my home in 1998, as a 20-year-old university student, and was given a 21-year sentence on charges of distributing subversive pamphlets. I served seven years, in Insein and two other prisons, before being released in a general amnesty in 2005. Now I am heading back, as a volunteer in a 10-day Vipassana meditation course for prisoners."
prison  NYTimes  Burman  vipassana 
july 2013 by pierredv
List of Centre Teachers and Co-ordinator Area Teachers - Vipassana Research Institute, Dec 2012
List of Centre Teachers and Co-ordinator Area Teachers Vipassana newsletter Vol. 22, No. 13: 28 December 2012
VRI  newsletter  vipassana 
june 2013 by pierredv
May Dhamma spread! talk by Goenkaji, Dec 22, 2012 in Yangon
"I am often asked how it is that Vipassana is spreading so rapidly, attracting large numbers of people. One reason is that we don’t teach any religion. . . . Another reason is that the teaching is free. . . Another reason is that we do not seek to convert people from one religion to another. . . ."
meditation  Goenka  vipassana 
february 2013 by pierredv
Remain equanimous - article by N H Parikh
examples of "staying for some time" meaning years, or a lifetime
vipassana  meditation  ** 
march 2012 by pierredv
Why Buddhist Practice is Deeply Rooted in Mindfulness of the Body | Metta Refuge - Gil Fronsdal talk
Intro by Steven Goodheart: "This talk by Gil Fronsdal highlights how important it is to not only get in touch with our bodies, to see how central mindfulness of the body is to the path of liberation."
buddhism  vipassana  meditation  interoception 
november 2011 by pierredv
Vipassana meditation: systematic rev... [J Altern Complement Med. 2010] - PubMed - NCBI
Vipassana meditation (VM) is one of the most ancient and diffused types of meditative practices belonging to the pole of mindfulness. Despite the growing interest toward the neurobiological and clinical correlates of many meditative practices, no review has specifically focused on current evidence on neuro-imaging and clinical evidence about VM.
A literature search was undertaken using MEDLINE,((R)) ISI web of knowledge, the Cochrane database, and references of retrieved articles. Controlled and cross-sectional studies with controls published in English up to March 2009 were included.
Seven (7) mainly poor-quality studies were identified. . . .
Current studies provided preliminary results about neurobiological and clinical changes related to VM practice. Nonetheless, few and mainly low-quality data are available especially for clinical studies and current results have to be considered with caution.
vipassana  meditation  neuroscience  research 
november 2011 by pierredv
Your clever body: Thinking from head to toe - life - 21 October 2011 - New Scientist
"There's more to your mind than your brain – your body plays a part in everything from social savvy to mathematical ability"
body  sensation  NewScientist  cognition  vipassana 
october 2011 by pierredv
CBC Outfront - Aziza Sindhu = Dhamma Podcasts from Pariyatti - Dhamma Podcasts from
a radio show by Aziza Sindhu regarding her experience at a Vipassana Meditation course. Originally aired on CBC Outfront on January 25, 2005
vipassana  audio  Pariyatti  podcasts 
june 2011 by pierredv
Compass: Vipassana Meditation Retreat - ABC TV
"While Insight Meditation (Vipassana) is one of Theravada Buddhism’s most important traditional spiritual techniques, it is a non-sectarian technique which can help people of any or no religion. Over a ten-day intensive course, students of Vipassana learn a simple but profound technique of self-observation which can bring significant personal transformation.
Story producer: Peter Kirkwood ABC in-house"
vipassana  x:ABC  video 
june 2011 by pierredv
Various Ways of Dealing With Sensation by Different Meditation Traditions in Myanmar | ATBU
focus on vedanānupassanā given by four teachers: Mahasi Sayadaw, Mogok Sayadaw, Sayagyi U Ba Khin and Saccādīpaka Sayagyi U Kyi
meditation  Burma  vipassana 
september 2010 by pierredv
Yoga and Vipassana: An internal work. Article by Alexander Vorobiev ...
"Article by Alexander Vorobiev, Mikhail Baranov. Interview about yoga & vipassana practice with yoga-teachers Vladimir Karpinsky and Ilya Zhuravlev. The article expatiates on Vipassana meditation in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin and S.N. Goenka."
vipassana  yoga  meditation 
august 2010 by pierredv
Mindfulness Meditation Spotlight = Shambhala Sun
Mindfulness meditation: The Shambhala Sun offers a diverse selection of teachings on mindfulness meditation, from the Theravada and Insight traditions of Buddhism
vipassana  buddhism 
january 2010 by pierredv
Vedanā in Paṭiccasamuppāda - Vipassana Newsletter - Dhamma Giri Edition
an extract from The Importance of Vedanā and Sampajañña published by the Vipassana Research Institute
buddhism  vipassana 
july 2008 by pierredv
Mahasatipatthana Sutta - The Great Discourse on the Establishing of Awareness
Pali in Latin script with parallel English translation on the right
buddhism  pali  texts  VRI  vipassana 
july 2008 by pierredv | Mission
with links to their services, including podcasts, newsletters, daily emails
buddhism  vipassana  resources 
december 2007 by pierredv
How to succeed in business: Meditate - July 23, 2007
"With hellish hours and info overload now the norm, the C-Suite set is turning to extreme meditation to cope"
Focus on Goenka vipassana
vipassana  meditation  business 
december 2007 by pierredv

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