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Quoted: on the rise of drones | Good Morning Silicon Valley
“We’ll forget that drones were once a defense industry thing and we’ll think of it as something you’ll buy at Walmart.”
— Chris Anderson, founder of 3D Robotic

Points to, which includes: "Pool has modified the software to stream live video to the internet so that we can watch the action as it unfolds."
surveillance  drones  x:GMSV  quotations 
january 2013 by pierredv
If you’re not worried, you’re not Googling | Good Morning Silicon Valley#respond
built around newly recleased (5/31/2010) Pew Internet & American Life Project on privacy attitudes
privacy  x:gmsv 
may 2010 by pierredv
Quoted: Clean, running Facebook, and other necessities | Good Morning Silicon Valley#respond
“The test, by the way, for if X is a utility: if the sentence ‘Millions of children in Africa have no access to x’ doesn’t sound like a headline from the Onion.”
— Paul Carr of TechCrunch, on social media researcher danah boyd’s contention that Facebook should be regulated like any other utility.
x:gmsv  socialmedia  utilities  quotations 
may 2010 by pierredv
The laughing-gas menace and other science news | Good Morning Silicon Valley
"In trying to fix one problem, we managed to make another problem worse. Nitrogen and chlorine compounds counteract each other's effect on ozone to some degree, and with the CFCs being purged from the atmosphere, the nitrous oxide is 50 percent more damaging than it had been. That darned Law of Unintended Consequences"
x:gmsv  unintended-consequences  complexity  climate 
august 2009 by pierredv
Multitaskers easily distrac … oh, look, a pony! | Good Morning Silicon Valley
"Professor Clifford Nass, researcher Eyal Ophir and associate professor Anthony Wagner set out to see if heavy-duty media multitaskers had some cognitive edge that allowed them to juggle multiple input streams more effectively than others. “We kept looking for what they’re better at, and we didn’t find it,” said Ophir, the study’s lead author."
cognition  multitasking  psychology  x:gmsv 
august 2009 by pierredv
Birds of a feather on Twitter | Good Morning Silicon Valley
GMSV summary of HBS study on the demographics of twitter use
twitter  x:gmsv  demographics 
june 2009 by pierredv
Old Japanese maps on Google Earth unveil secrets -
Wonderful example of how maps carry meaning. According to GMSV, David Rumsey, who oversees the Berkeley collection, acknowledges, "We tend to think of maps as factual, like a satellite picture, but maps are never neutral; they always have a certain point of view."
maps  geography  meaning  japan  x:gmsv 
may 2009 by pierredv

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