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Designing Events-First Microservices
Jonas Bonér explores the nature of events, what it means to be event-driven, and how to unleash the power of events and commands by applying an events-first domain-driven design to microservices-based architectures.
infoq  microservices  boner  event-driven  architecture  ddd 
october 2018 by pinterb
How do you cut a monolith in half? — programming is terrible
How do you cut a monolith in half? It depends. The problem with distributed systems, is that no matter what the question is, the answer is inevitably ‘It Depends’. When you cut a larger service apart,...
distributed  systems  architecture  messaging  distributed-systems  message-broker  queues 
july 2018 by pinterb
Deciding between VMs, Containers or Serverless | StackSense
We are presenting a Modern Enterprise Decision Framework to pick the right tool for your application needs. Based on the application architecture, we help you pick between Virtual Machines, Containers or Serverless. We are not picking sides in public vs private cloud battle
stacksense  architecture  decision  framework 
march 2018 by pinterb
O'Reilly SACON NY 2018 "Continuous Delivery Patterns for Contemporary…
Last year at this conference we learned from Mark Richards that modern software has almost completed its evolution toward component-based architectures—seen in…
bryant  cicd  patterns  architecture 
march 2018 by pinterb
Netflix Play API: Why we built an evolutionary architecture
For your next re-architecture, consider building a Evolutionary Architecture, with strong focus on Identity, Type1/Type2 Decisions and Fitness Functions. This …
netflix  evolutionary  architecture  slides  api  design 
march 2018 by pinterb
Event-Driven Architecture – @herbertograca
Using events to design applications is a practice that seems to be around since the late 1980s. We can use events anywhere in the frontend or backend. When a button is pressed, when some data changes or some backend action is performed. But what is it exactly? When should we use it and how? What…
event-driven  event-sourcing  architecture  cqrs 
october 2017 by pinterb
Application Network Functions With ESBs, API Management, and Now.. Service Mesh? – Software Blog
I’ve talked quite a bit recently about the evolution of microservices patterns and how service proxies like Envoy from Lyft can help push the responsibility of resilience, service discovery, routing, metrics collection, etc down a layer below the application. Otherwise we risk hoping and praying that the various applications will correctly implement these critical functionalities or depend on language-specific libraries to make this happen. Interestingly, this service mesh idea is re...
posta  microservices  microservice  service  mesh  architecture 
october 2017 by pinterb
Building a privacy-preserving architecture with less server trust | ThoughtWorks
Before ever having worked on a related field, I had always thought of privacy as a matter of having the strongest encryption method in the market and using it everywhere. However, recently, I've had the privilege of working on the development of a privacy-preserving email client called Pixelated, which seeks not only to decentralize control of data, but also to make privacy accessible to the non tech-savvy user through a modern email interface.
data  privacy  application  architecture  thoughtworks 
september 2017 by pinterb
About When Not to Do Microservices – Software Blog
Quick interlude to my last blog. As part of my last blog on low-risk monolith to microservice architecture, I made this statement about microservices and not doing them:

posta  microservices  architecture  monolith  toread 
september 2017 by pinterb
Serverless is cheaper, not simpler – freeCodeCamp
The (Emit) conference last week featured a lineup of excellent talks, an engaging panel discussion, and plenty of time to meet and exchange notes with the awesome fellows of the serverless community…
serverless  complexity  architecture  cheaper 
september 2017 by pinterb
What’s Your Decomposition Strategy? – Built to Adapt
Matt Stine goes over some of the most common questions he gets from the developers and architects, and one they should ask more often.
architecture  microservices  decomposition 
september 2017 by pinterb
Kitchen Soap – Multiple Perspectives On Technical Problems and Solutions
Over the years, a number of people have asked about the details surrounding Etsy’s architecture review process. In this post, I’d like to focus on the architecture review working group’s role in facilitating dialogue about technology decision-making. Part of this is really just about working groups in general (pros, cons, formats, etc.) and another part…
toread  architecture  decisions  management 
september 2017 by pinterb
Microservices at Netflix: Lessons for Architectural Design
Learn design principles and best practices for microservices architecture from Adrian Cockcroft, former lead Cloud Architect at Netflix
nginx  microservice  microservices  netflix  architecture 
september 2017 by pinterb
Publishing with Apache Kafka at The New York Times | Confluent
This post covers how Apache Kafka and its Streams API are used for storing and processing all the articles ever published by The New York Times
kafka  streaming  datascience  architecture  toread 
september 2017 by pinterb
(296) Golang UK Conference 2016 - Marcus Olsson - Building an enterprise service in Go - YouTube
Go has been widely successful for creating tools and infrastructure, but the simplicity of the language also makes for an excellent fit for implementing core...
golang  clean  architecture  ddd  youtube 
august 2017 by pinterb
Architecture Patterns for Microservices in Kubernetes
Thomas Fricke describes some common patterns to build applications for use in containers, with real world examples using Kubernetes.
infoq  architecture  patterns  microservice  microservices  kubernetes  toread 
july 2017 by pinterb
The evolution of scalable microservices - O'Reilly Media
From building microliths to designing reactive microsystems.
microservices  architecture  reactive  boner  ora 
june 2017 by pinterb
roblaszczak/go-cleanarch: go-cleanarch was created to validate Clean Architecture rules, like a The Dependency Rule and interaction between packages in your Go projects.
go-cleanarch was created to validate Clean Architecture rules, like a The Dependency Rule and interaction between packages in your Go projects.
golang  clean  architecture  design  domain 
april 2017 by pinterb
(121) #FlinkForward SF 2017: Stephan Ewen - Convergence of real-time analytics & data-driven applications - YouTube
Witnessing the rise of stream processing from the driving seat, we see Apache Flink® and associated technologies used for a wide variety of business applicat...
apache  flink  streaming  architecture  youtube 
april 2017 by pinterb
Putting the Clean Architecture into practice – uniplacesgeeks
A year ago we’ve decided to introduce a new language at Uniplaces, being Golang the choice. Despite the effort that introducing a new tool is, it can pay off in a lot of ways! It makes you think out…
golang  clean  architecture  design  domain 
april 2017 by pinterb
Streaming databases in realtime with MySQL, Debezium, and Kafka
Change data capture has been around for a while, but some recent developments in technology have given it new life. Notably, using Kafka as a backbone to str...
database  streaming  architecture  mysql  kafka  debezium  analytics 
march 2017 by pinterb
AWS | This Is My Architecture
Short videos that highlight innovative architectural solutions on the AWS Cloud by AWS customers and partners.
aws  architecture  tutorials  tma 
january 2017 by pinterb
Microservices: Rethinking the Way We Treat Data and Services | Confluent
For microservices, there is a tension between how we build services and how we approach the data that flows between them. Apache Kafka can help.
architecture  microservices  events  eventsourcing 
december 2016 by pinterb
Questioning the Lambda Architecture - O'Reilly Media
The Lambda Architecture has its merits, but alternatives are worth exploring.
lambda  architecture  bigdata  analytics 
may 2016 by pinterb
Scaling to 100M: MySQL is a Better NoSQL | Wix Engineering
When considering a NoSQL use case, such as key/value storage, MySQL makes more sense in terms of performance, ease of use, and stability.
mysql  nosql  bestpractices  architecture  databases 
may 2016 by pinterb
Microservices: What's Missing - O'Reilly Software Architecture New Yo…
Assuming you have already figured out microservices, what else do you need to figure out to get them to work properly. This talk skips my usual introduction to…
microservices  devops  architecture  cockcroft  slideshare  slides 
april 2016 by pinterb
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