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google webfonts helper
online resource that makes a package and provides code you need to self-host google webfonts. Author also mentions that they're hosted on Heroku, so I'm not 100% clear what the arrangement is
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may 2016 by piperh
FitText - A plugin for inflating web type
makes text scale with window width. Works smoothly though limited application that I can see. Probably more kb's than an svg image.
jquery  plugin  typography  fonts  web  design  webdesign  text  type  fontface  @fontface  webtype  scale  scaleable  scaleability  fit  width 
may 2011 by piperh Web Fonts
doesn't appear to be supported by Camino. On their site the fonts all appear in Verdana when you log in using Camino. In IE7 on the studio laptop, most fonts are drawn in Arial. One or two, weirdly, do draw in the correct font but don't look nice. On the Mac with Apple 'Cinema' screen most fonts look too bold (like 'over-inked') and some counters fill in.
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may 2010 by piperh

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