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Blog - El mundo según Popy
good bit of blogging about new laws on plastic bags (in Spanish).
bags  bolsas  tria  plastic  plástico  ley  blog  inspiration  example  law  spain  eu  about 
july 2018 by piperh
My Accessibility Journey: What I’ve Learned So Far · An A List Apart Article
article about accessibility, mostly opinion and the why, but has good list of resources at the end
webdesign  web  design  accessible  accessibility  about  resource  ux  ui 
february 2018 by piperh
Stuff at the Top of an SVG – Peter Nowell – Medium
article explaining the doctype and other stuff at beginning of svg code. Shows what can be removed and what can't. Mentions viewbox etc but doesn't explain anything
webdesign  web  design  svg  code  doctype  about  version  xmlns  xml  generator  doc 
june 2017 by piperh
the new code – Web Developer Reading List: JavaScript
Dudley Storey articles about javascript - what it is, how to use it. Very good starting point
webdesign  web  design  js  javascript  script  course  learn  learning  about  reference  reading 
may 2017 by piperh
Font Awesome & Accessibility
fontawesome guidelines about accessibility and use of icon fonts
webdesign  web  design  accessibility  icon  font  iconfont  symbol  assistive  screen  reader  guide  about 
april 2016 by piperh
Introducing CSS Scroll Snap Points | CSS-Tricks
article about css snap-to and the polfill needed to complete the browser support. March 2016 no support in Chrome.
webdesign  web  design  about  howto  polyfill  css  scroll  snap  scrolling  snap-to  point  vertical  long  page 
march 2016 by piperh
Accelerated Mobile Pages Project
google's pages about AMP. It's for me, yet (6.3.16). Maybe in the future
webdesign  web  design  amp  google  about  code  css  html  coding  accelerated  mobile  pages  howto  tutorial  example  speed  performance 
march 2016 by piperh
vasanthk/css-refresher-notes · GitHub
github page showing refresher of basic css concepts
webdesign  web  design  css  refresher  reference  concept  basic  notes  reminder  about 
january 2016 by piperh
How to Use Cookies in JavaScript (
page title: How to Use Cookies in JavaScript
How to set, retrieve and delete cookies on your website
webdesign  web  design  webdev  cookie  howto  use  about  javascript  code  set  write  read  get 
january 2016 by piperh
Modern web layout with flexbox | Webdesigner Depot
article explaining flexbox, little bit of history, purpose and usage
webdesign  web  design  css  flex  flexbox  about  howto  tutorial  reference  code  coding  webdev 
october 2015 by piperh
How Floating Works | bitsofcode
a handy summary of floats. You know all this stuff but it might be a good reminder after weeks of not building a site.
webdesign  web  design  css  floats  about  reference 
august 2015 by piperh
Learn Git - Learn Version Control with Git
published by Tower but not promoting them heavily.
tutorial  howto  learning  git  about  learn  version  control  code  gui  command  line  terminal 
december 2014 by piperh
Fly-out Menu - Interaction Design Pattern Library -
good serious article about flyouts and their actual usage in navigation
navigation  flyout  menu  web  design  webdesign  nav  about  menus  use  usage 
february 2013 by piperh

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