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Nextcloud: an Open-source Dropbox, Google Drive Alternative
an open source alternative to dropbox et al to set up personal cloud storage network on your own server
internet  web  server  cloud  storage  dropbox  alternative 
november 2016 by piperh
GitHub - ademilter/bricklayer: Lightweight cascading grid layout library
They say: "Lightweight & independent cascading grid layout library. Inspired by and a lighter alternative to Masonry."
webdesign  web  design  css  js  javascript  masonry  alternative  cascade  floating  boxes  grid  effect 
april 2016 by piperh
script-free navigation methos. You must display 3 to 5 menu items as normal then the rest are behind a 3-dots icon - click that and a window covers entire screen, showing the overflow menu items at top. A weird idea I reckon but might be handy one day.
webdesign  web  design  paradeiser  hamburger  alternative  navigation  responsive  css 
august 2015 by piperh
Zepto.js: the aerogel-weight jQuery-compatible JavaScript library
lightweight alternative to jquery. Downside is lack of support for older browsers
webdesign  web  design  jquery  javascript  script  alternative  code  coding  webdev 
april 2015 by piperh
3 Great Gmail Alternatives
an interesting rundown of alternatives to gmail
email  free  domain  gmail  zoho  alternative  service  provider  pop  imap 
june 2014 by piperh
iDraw - Illustration and Graphic Design Software for iPad and Mac OS X
vector drawing alternative to illustrator and freehand. Runs on Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion
alternative  adobe  illustrator  freehand  vector  drawing  software  graphic  illustration  illustrate  draw  edit  editing  editor  mac  osx 
may 2013 by piperh
Sketch | The designer’s toolbox
alternative to illustrator and freehand vector drawing. Requires Snow Leopard or higher. Can only import psd, eps, pdf and AI as flattened bitmaps. Export, only basid cupport for export to pdf and eps. Cannot export to AI.
alternative  freehand  illustrator  vector  software  tool  tools  apple  drawing  osx  graphic  design  sketch  mac  graphics 
june 2012 by piperh
Acorn, a great Mac image editor, built for humans.
alternative photoshop image editing software. Requires osx 10.8 (Mountain Lion?) or higher
photoshop  photo  edit  editing  image  editor  mac  osx  software  alternative 
april 2011 by piperh
photo and image editing alternative to photoshop, requires Lion or higher
alternative  photoshop  image  editing  software  design  graphics  mac  pixel  photo  imageediting  tool  photoshoplike  like 
january 2011 by piperh

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