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js library for animated wavy borders
webdesign  web  design  js  javascript  script  border  wavy  animated  animate 
february 2019 by piperh
The Shapes of CSS | CSS-Tricks
interesting list of shapes achievable only with css - with live editable code!
webdesign  web  design  css  shapes  before  after  border  radius  shadow  html  reference 
november 2018 by piperh
Fancy Border Radius Generator
generates code for corner radius (border-radius) using 8-figure syntax. You can experiment and get interesting effects, 'specially setting one or more corner to 0. Has draggable corner points. Handy.
webdesign  web  design  code  generator  border-radius  border  corner  radius  shape 
october 2018 by piperh
CSS Gradient Rounded Borders
a pen with code for gradient borders. Possibly naff but possibly handy too
webdesign  web  design  css  gradient  border  fill  colour  howto 
may 2018 by piperh
CSS Environment variables; how to deal with the software bezel of iPhone X – Ben Frain
article about coding for the iphone X screen: rounded corners and invasive black tab.
iphonex  iphone  X  bezel  border  margin  padding  screen  indent  apple  css  ios  safari 
november 2017 by piperh
The Ultimate Guide to Bulletproof Buttons in Email Design
article about coding buttons in html email. Don't use an image they say.
email  html  design  button  css  code  padding  pad  border  support  reference  table 
november 2017 by piperh
CSS Generator Tool - CSS Demonstration and Generation
generates css code for various functions - you can test each setting first using live sliders, and the generated code changes in real time.
webdesign  web  design  css  filter  transform  shadow  border  text  generate  generator  code  test  live  experiment 
may 2017 by piperh
Creating Non-Rectangular Headers | CSS-Tricks
css-tricks article on 4 methods for angled headers in css and svg and background image. The summary says best is svg.
There's a curious fill: usage that I didn't know about - not clear if it's usable
webdesign  web  design  css  non-rectanular  shape  angle  header  techniques  methods  code  coding  svg  background  border 
february 2017 by piperh
Using CSS to animate border-radius Chris Ruppel
explanation of some effects achievable with css on borders - give a sort-of hand drawn look
webdesign  web  design  css  technique  effect  animate  animation  border  radius  animated 
december 2016 by piperh
Styling Underlines on the Web | CSS-Tricks
thorough roundup of methods for underlining text in css. Some surprising stuff. See the Comments, too, for further suggestions
webdesign  web  design  code  coding  underline  border  underlining  methods  text-decoration 
october 2016 by piperh
The Shapes of CSS
great collection of non square shapes achieved only in css. Very handy code showing how to get triangle pointers using border. (I'd always wondered how it was done)
webdesign  web  design  css  shapes  code  coding  howto  examples  non-square  triangle  border 
november 2015 by piperh

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