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Hostbuddy for Mac
they say: Hostbuddy is the easiest way to manage and update the /etc/hosts file on your Mac. Add new entries and turn on and off existing ones with one click. It's perfect for switching between staging and production servers or just for testing out your new website before it goes live.
web  internet  host  hosting  clear  cache  dns  hosts  manage 
february 2017 by piperh
AtoZ CSS Quick Tip: Centering Elements with Float and Clear
a few tips on centering elements in css - good tip on centering a floated element
webdesign  web  design  float  clear  centre  center  css  tips  howto  element 
september 2016 by piperh
A new micro clearfix hack – Nicolas Gallagher
'micro' clearfix hack, to make container have real height of floated content. Rec by html5 boilerplate
webdesign  web  design  code  coding  css  clearfix  clear  clearing  webdev 
july 2015 by piperh

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