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Known: social publishing for groups and individuals
Seems to be like a cms/wordpress, front end based on bootstrap and jquery.
they say: A collaborative social publishing engine.
Known allows any number of users to post to a shared site with blog posts, status updates, photographs, and more. Its robust open source framework can be used to build fully-fledged community sites, or a blog for a single user.
web  publish  publishing  blog  community  site  website  cms  wordpress  known 
6 weeks ago by piperh
Welcome to!
they say: Email Groups. Supercharged.
A modern platform for online communities. Powerful management tools. Mobile ready. Free and paid plans. No ads, no tracking.
email  group  online  community  free  paid  collaboration 
june 2019 by piperh
offers courses (paid), portfolio display, jobs, describes projects, calls itself a community of designers. In Spanish and English
graphic  design  work  portfolio  inspiration  jobs  courses  learn  learning  creative  share  community 
october 2014 by piperh

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