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The best travel tech for a stress-free holiday | Money | The Guardian
article about gadgets and cables for charging devices while travelling
guardian  travel  mobile  charger  cable  phone  ipad  computer 
12 weeks ago by piperh
What's the best Windows all-in-one or iMac for illustrators? | Technology | The Guardian
feb 2019, an 'Ask Jack' article titled:
What's the best Windows all-in-one or iMac for illustrators?
Interesting tips and advice and specs
guardian  ask  jack  mac  pc  imac  macbook  advice  tips  work  computer 
february 2019 by piperh
How can I remove Google from my life? | Technology | The Guardian
How to remove, or at least reduce, Google's collection of your data and surfing
guardian  google  remove  cookies  privacy  intrusion  data  search  visit  navegation 
december 2018 by piperh
Franco's cruel legacy: the film that wants to stop Spain forgetting | World news | The Guardian
6th para says: The Silence of Others, directed by Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar, chronicles the fight for justice as well as the search for the stolen children and the 100,000 bodies still thought to lie in unmarked civil war graves. Pedro and Agustín Almodóvar are the film’s executive producers.
spain  franco  documentary  memory  history  legacy  silence  others  guardian  review  film 
june 2018 by piperh
The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked | Technology | The Guardian
Carole Cadwalladr article about big data and brexit and elections and Trump, Bannon, Robert Mercer and others
brexit  britain  trump  election  data  scl  cambridge  analytica  aggregateiq  guardian  politics 
may 2017 by piperh
Is there a good tablet, netbook or light laptop that can handle iTunes? | Ask Jack | Technology | The Guardian
April 2017 article by Ask Jack about tablets, phablets and laptops. Some useful tips and info, especially about detachable universal keyboard
computer  tablet  phablet  netbook  smartphone  laptop  guardian  advice  tips  memory  recommendations 
april 2017 by piperh
50 documentaries you need to see | Film | The Guardian
Guardian article about 50 best non-fiction films, selected by documentary makers
film  documentary  guardian  recommend  film-maker  best 
march 2016 by piperh
10 of the best travel apps … that you'll actually use | Travel | The Guardian
guardian review of 10 travel apps including some that actually seem useful
travel  guardian  apps  review  rating  guide  holiday  journey  iphone  ios 
january 2016 by piperh

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