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How to Disable Links | CSS-Tricks
article saying don't disble links, but if you must then here are 2 techniques
webdesign  web  design  disable  link  css  js  javascript  script  href 
february 2018 by piperh
Hreflang, la etiqueta para SEO Internacional
spanish seo blog regurgitating google's hreflang page, with an extra tip or two - appears slightly clearer the doubt I had about lang='x'
webdesign  web  design  webdev  language  href  hreflang  google  rel  alternate  code  meta  international  country  region 
april 2016 by piperh
The Skinny on CSS Attribute Selectors | CSS-Tricks
Note on Quotes: You can usually get away without using quotes in attribute selectors, like [type=radio], but the rules for omitting quotes are weird and inconsistent across actual browser implementations. So, best practice, just use quotes, like [type="radio"]. It's safer and always works.
css  html  selector  attribute  code  coding  webdev  webdesign  web  design  href  declaration 
february 2014 by piperh

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