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EuroCitizens page about applying for Spanish nationality, practica and theory and how to appeal
nationality  spain  spanish  apply  application  procedure  citizenship  citizen  euro  information 
9 weeks ago by piperh
Who Is Hosting This Site? Free Tool
shows hosting for a site and a few other useful bits, eg WP theme
hosting  whois  information  info  host  hoster  webite  tool 
11 weeks ago by piperh
Are you ready? This is all the data Facebook and Google have on you | Dylan Curran | Opinion | The Guardian
Guardian article, 1st para: Want to freak yourself out? I’m going to show just how much of your information the likes of Facebook and Google store about you without you even realising it.
privacy  tracking  google  facebook  history  data  information 
march 2018 by piperh
25 Essential Chrome Extensions for Web Designers - Envato
a '25 best' list of extensions for Chrome. Specially interesting maybe 'font ninja' which enables downloading of fonts
webdesign  web  design  development  chrome  google  browser  extensions  font  webfont  information  tools 
august 2016 by piperh
BuiltWith Technology Lookup
gives you lots of info about server, technologies used in site, scripts, site construction
webdev  built  contruction  development  website  webdesign  web  design  information  server  site 
october 2014 by piperh
Artful Words and Web Design :: Page Affairs
australian web designer's site with lots of random useful tips and howto's
webdesign  web  design  webdev  useful  tips  tricks  howto  information  designer  tutorial  code  coding  commentary  comments 
july 2014 by piperh

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