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Tumult Hype
Create beautiful HTML5 web content. Interactive web content and animations made with Tumult Hype work on desktops, smartphones and iPads. No coding required.
Costs $50
webdesign  web  design  animation  html  interactive  animate  css 
9 weeks ago by piperh
Introducing F2 – Sima – Medium
they say: An elegant, interactive and flexible charting library for mobile.
I've no idea how this works ("based on html5 Canvas") but might be worth finding out if I need charts and graphs. Some nice interactive effects.
webdesign  web  design  mobile  chart  library  interactive  animated  graph 
september 2018 by piperh
Home International Advertising Bureau. Formulate standards and specs for online ads
international  advertising  bureau  iab  online  interactive  ads  html  technical  standards  specification  banner  billboard  email 
december 2016 by piperh
Interactive Customer Feedback Form (For a pet store)
novel method of giving feedback - drag cartoons mouth into smile or the opposite, to indicate satisfaction level
webdesign  web  design  feedback  interactive  js  javascript  webdev  animal  animation  drag  vote  form 
june 2016 by piperh

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