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Having fun with link hover effects | CSS-Tricks
a couple of OK hover effects, and some terrible ones
webdesign  web  design  hover  effect  link  css  animated 
october 2018 by piperh - Upload files, for free, securely, anonymously, without limits.
free file upload/transfer service. You upload the file and are given a link to it. The web page complained about me using an adblocker.
Looks like a good alternative to WeTransfer
upload  transfer  file  send  link  free 
june 2018 by piperh
Choosy: A smarter default browser for macOS
their headline: Choosy opens every link in the right browser.
Instead of opening links in default browser, Choosy sends them to the right browser. Standalone app (I think) or browser extension.
utilities  app  osx  mac  browser  extension  link 
june 2018 by piperh
Styling buttons, the right way
resetting and styling button and link elements
webdesign  web  design  link  button  css  component  style 
may 2018 by piperh
Phone number links and accessibility · Matt Smith
article about accessible styling for phone numbers - targetting mobile devices, though wouldn't target VOIP (eg Skype) on desktop. Relies on smaller screen MQ.
webdesign  web  design  style  tel  telephone  number  link  screen  reader  accessible  accessibility 
february 2018 by piperh
How to Disable Links | CSS-Tricks
article saying don't disble links, but if you must then here are 2 techniques
webdesign  web  design  disable  link  css  js  javascript  script  href 
february 2018 by piperh
Solving The Double Tap Issue on iOS Devices
Useful bit of jQuery to disable iOS double tap behaviour on touch screen (uses touchend event).
I couldn't use it on bcnprints 'cos it fucks up the fancybox zooming
webdesign  web  design  js  javascript  script  jquery  ios  single  double  tap  link  touch  screen 
february 2018 by piperh
CSS grid meets Bauhaus
interesting underline effect for links
webdesign  web  design  css  hover  link  effect  transition  animation 
january 2018 by piperh
Animating Link Underlines | Tobias Ahlin
animated link underline - the underline appears and draws outwards from centre. V easy to apply, uses a transform.
webdesign  web  design  animated  animate  animation  link  underline  hover  transform 
october 2017 by piperh
Quark Forums • View topic - Quark 2017 - Batch process RGB multiple images to CMYK?
quark forum thread: Batch process RGB multiple images to CMYK?
Useful replies about conversion and rgb workflow
quark  image  photo  convert  rgb  cmyk  pdf  picture  export  link  images  batch  conversion 
september 2017 by piperh
10 Minute Mail - FAQs
generates a temporary email address that self-deletes in 10 minutes. Ideal for sign-up confirmation emails for untrustworthy sites. Extendendable by 10 minutes
email  sugnup  spam  temporary  private  security  register  link  verify  confirmation  form  registration 
august 2017 by piperh
Link with Gradient Underline · GitHub
use text shadow and background image to get an underline on a link. Only advantage seems to be to get descenders to have a white outline, so they look better where they pass over the underline
webdesign  web  design  css  text  shadow  underline  link  background  image  position 
may 2017 by piperh
the new code – Better Links for Printed Web Pages with JavaScript
article about, and code for, printing link url's as footnotes only if printing hard copy. Also links to technique for making hidden links print next to link text on hard copies, though of course it changes the text flow.
webdesign  web  design  code  coding  print  link  url  hard  copy  hidden  js  javascript  script  css 
may 2017 by piperh
vanilla js script for page scrolling effects. can be linked to jquery if you know what you're doing. Full suite of easing effects.
webdesign  web  design  js  javascript  vanilla  scroll  jump  hash  link  page  effect  step  ease  move  animate  animation  css 
december 2016 by piperh
a typical landing page made by Andrea Skarica for MediCarrera's AdWords campaigns
medicarrera  unbounce  link  landing  page  campaign 
june 2016 by piperh
All About Favicons (And Touch Icons)
explanation of different aspects of browser behaviour re favicon, format, link, meta, rel=, size, href. Section about mobiles and touch icon
webdesign  web  design  favicon  ico  png  jpeg  svg  gif  format  size  link  reference  resource  icon 
may 2016 by piperh
GitHub - joshbuchea/HEAD: A list of everything that goes in the <head> of your document
list of all poss meta stuff in head. Also, handy list favicon <link ...> and a link to a useful resource/reference. Shows deprecated and NOT recommended metas (and why)
webdev  webdesign  web  design  code  coding  html  head  meta  reference  favicon  apple  ios  safari  link  android  mobile  explorer  edge  ms 
may 2016 by piperh
GitHub - ameesme/SlimScroller.js: Smoothly scroll to positions on your website, under 350 bytes, no dependencies.
simple js script for adding scroll to internal page links. Two versions - simple and full. Very lightweight, no dependencies
webdesign  web  design  scroll  js  javascript  page  scroller  anchor  link 
april 2016 by piperh
The Current State of Telephone Links | CSS-Tricks
useful article about treatment by browsers of tel links in html
webdesign  web  design  telephone  tel  a  link  style  format  app  call  response  program  html  css  code  coding  styling  anchor  tap  mobile  phone  device 
march 2016 by piperh
Fight Back Against Spammers
site providing spambots with infinite black hole of fake email addresses
webdev  spam  spammer  poison  link  bot  crawler  spider  email 
february 2016 by piperh
FontCDN: A search tool for Google web fonts
quick showing of code to use google webfonts. Not sure what else this site os for
webdesign  web  design  font  webfont  typography  type  google  free  code  link 
november 2015 by piperh
Hover.css - A collection of CSS3 powered hover effects
some nice effects, some naff. they don't all work very well on touch screen - check before using any of these
webdesign  web  design  hover  effect  css  button  link  transition 
june 2015 by piperh

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