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Sendy - Send Newsletters 100x cheaper via Amazon SES
for sending to email list. Software (one-off purchase $60) you install on own server and is sent out using Amazon SES service. Much much cheaper than mailchimp or campaign monitor.
They say: send email newsletters via Amazon SES to any lists or segments
email  campaign  list  mail  marketing  newsletter  mailchimp  self-hosted  self  hosted 
may 2019 by piperh
Dense Discovery – weekly newsletter for discerning web workers
they say: A weekly newsletter helping web workers be productive, stay inspired, and think critically.
dense  discovery  newsletter  bulletin  weekly  curated  links  tech  design  culture 
november 2018 by piperh
Mailblast - Email Marketing on a budget using Amazon SES
Competitor to mailchimp. Free service maybe poss for Tria - all features and up to 1000 subscribers. Then all levels of paid plans enjoy all features, only diff is number of subrs.
email  mailing  list  service  mailchimp  competitor  mail  marketing  bulletin  newsletter  platform 
november 2018 by piperh
A blog about Perch and related news
perch  cms  perchology  links  newsletter  bulletin 
march 2018 by piperh

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