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Palettte App
a curious tool for generating colour code - with sliders for each of hue, saturation and lightness - cool for instantly seeing the effect of changing values
color  colour  value  code  hsl  hsv  rgb  hex  palette  tool  webdesign  web  design  graphic 
9 weeks ago by piperh
CSS Drive: Image to Colors Palette Generator
web based css colour palette generator. Upload an image and it will produce a palette based on an image's predominant colours. It produces a plain list with color 1, color 2 etc, so not easy to use in the css, but probably you could select from their on-screen palette.
webdesign  web  design  graphic  colour  color  css  palette  image  photo 
october 2015 by piperh
allows you to choose a colour and see all tints related to it. A small pop-up window appears next to pointer which compares chosen colour with the hovered tint. Handy
colour  scheme  tint  picker  hex  design  tool  compare  contrast  palette 
july 2014 by piperh

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