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Pipits for Perch
Some Addons for Perch. A couple of poss useful ones for Shop: "Display similar products", and "User-filtered product listing". Makes the "Catalog" App
perch  addon  plugin  cms  app  ecommerce 
march 2018 by piperh
makers of js plugins (need jQuery I think) for swiping, dragging, layout, carousel. Flickity could be useful.
webdesign  web  design  isotope  flickity  metafizzy  effect  js  javascript  script  jquery  plugin  swipe  infinite  scroll  layout  carousel  slideshow  draggable  drag 
february 2018 by piperh
imgViewer2 jQuery Plugin Example
a jquery script to zoom and pan an image. Suffers from same prob as panzoom.js - not poss to swipe-scroll a touchscreen when swiping on the image (its OK when swiping off the image).
webdesign  web  design  js  javascript  script  jquery  plugin  pan  zoom  image  panning  zooming 
january 2018 by piperh
a jquery date picker plug-in
webdesign  web  design  jquery  js  javascript  script  date  picker  plugin  calendar 
june 2017 by piperh
GitHub - stutrek/scrollMonitor: A simple and fast API to monitor elements as you scroll
The scroll monitor allows you to receive events when elements enter or exit a viewport. Vanilla js
webdesign  web  design  plugin  javascript  vanilla  js  scroll  scrolling  viewport  monitor  watch  event  element 
january 2017 by piperh
Telegraphics - Free plugins for Photoshop & Illustrator...and other software
a plugin for photoshop to make webp format images (don't know what versions of pshop it requires)
webdesign  web  design  photoshop  plugin  webp  format  optimise  image  photo 
december 2016 by piperh
Chrome extension to analyse website with respect to accessibility and sight impairment and colour blindness
webdesign  web  design  chrome  plugin  extension  colour  blind  sight  impaired  accessibility  keyboard  tab  scroll  navigation  flow  filter  emulate  simulate  accessible 
august 2016 by piperh
67 Open Source Modal Window Plugins Made with jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, and more!
a selection of modal window solutions. Includes fancybox (currently on Tria site) and some css only solutions.
A vanilla-js or css-only would be ideal for ph bookmarks
webdesign  web  design  modal  popup  window  jquery  js  javascript  css  selection  plugin  vanilla 
august 2016 by piperh
jQuery CollagePlus - an image gallery plugin by Ed Lea
will arrange your images to fit exactly within a container. Quite slow if you don't know image sizes. Can't see when I'd need this - but still, you never know
webdesign  web  design  jquery  effect  collage  stack  masonry  images  layout  gallery  plugin 
may 2016 by piperh
Responsive Typographic Headlines with CSS & JavaScript | NOUPE
roundup of techniques for dealing with large headlines in responsive design, where you want to control line breaks and size.
webdesign  web  design  howto  responsive  typography  type  css  js  javascript  plugin  slabtext  fittext  bigtext  code  coding  headline  large 
march 2016 by piperh
Emmet LiveStyle — the first bi-directional real-time edit tool for CSS, LESS and SCSS
app to allow live editing of css, changes shown instantly in browser. Generates public URL for local site so as to view it in devices and virtual machine
webdesign  web  design  tool  css  edit  editor  chrome  browser  sublime  plugin 
march 2016 by piperh
bitdash HTML5 Player for HLS & MPEG-DASH
they say "native integration with your browser". Doesn't that make it a plugin?
video  streaming  plugin  browser  html5 
september 2015 by piperh
Cookie Based Modal Popup Plugin For jQuery - Popup Window | Free jQuery Plugins
script installs cookie to control number of views - e.g. can set to show modal only on 1st visit
webdesign  web  design  modal  window  popup  cookie  jquery  js  javascript  plugin 
july 2015 by piperh
Flexible Image Carousels for Responsive Web Design | Resources
webdesignledger is rather low level, for enthusiasts not pros, but this roundup looks possibly useful, from end of 2014. Badly written article
webdesign  web  design  carousel  slideshow  plugin  responsive 
january 2015 by piperh
Sticky Plugin
jquery plugin to make items on webpage stay visible - after a scroll they stop moving and 'stick' to the top (or wherever you've specified)
jquery  plugin  sticky  javascript  webdesign  web  design  script  stick  scroll 
may 2014 by piperh
FlexSlider 2
looks good. Thumbnails also responsive.
carousel  gallery  javascript  plugin  responsive  jquery  slideshow  webdesign  web  design  html  js 
september 2012 by piperh
FitText - A plugin for inflating web type
makes text scale with window width. Works smoothly though limited application that I can see. Probably more kb's than an svg image.
jquery  plugin  typography  fonts  web  design  webdesign  text  type  fontface  @fontface  webtype  scale  scaleable  scaleability  fit  width 
may 2011 by piperh

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